BotN Kickstarter Issue

I have tried sending you guys a message on kickstarter and on here but no one has yet to reply. I recieved my copy of BotN a few weeks ago but my copy of Bludle the Noodle was not included. I need this sent to me ASAP but I am planning on buying something to get the holiday promos so you guys can just ship it with that.

I don’t think Bludle came i at the same time, and they shipped it out later separately (at least that is how mine came).

I got everything together.   But there was an update from them saying some promos were shipping separate as they didn't want to delay sending out the main game anymore.  Once they started shipping they received the rest of the promos.  

If you have not yet heard from Craig, try sending an email directly to He had some trouble with his spam filter earlier this month.