Bottom of the 9th: Clubhouse question

Saw on Kickstarter today that you guys are working on an expansion to this game. That makes me super excited because this is a great one. Especially the Big Box solution because it is already needed.


My main question though will be is this going to be a kickstarter or are you guys doing a preorder of somesort.


Looking forward to tomorrow!

I am so excited about this expansion oh my goodness.

me 2. love playing the game but the box is a little thin. hopefully this takes care of a few of the issues and gives me a bigger box.

question on the playmat, will this be on sale in stores or through kickstarter only

On the KS comments the answer was that the playmat is a KS exclusive. 

so is there any way to get hold of the season 1 promo pack and the gencon2015 promo pack without having to rebuy the game? right now if i was to be able to pack, depending on how bad fixing my car turns out to be, I most likely can only afford the 20 so no way i can afford to rebuy everything just for two sets of promos.


Also thanks animus for the response on the playmat

also I really hope a strecth goal is Handelabra is going to make a video game for bottom of the ninth. this game is just too much fun not to have one.

I asked the same question in their comments. Gen Con promos are no go, because they’re limited quantities.

You can buy the first expansion KS promos (including the keep me) from BGG for like $5.

will have to see about talking my wife into letting me pay 5 bucks for them then.