Bottom of the 9th is available now on iOS and Android!

It's opening day for your favorite digital tabletop baseball game! Check it out and let me know what you think =)



More info:


Also, leaving a rating and/or review on the store helps us out a lot, so please do so if you can =)

Can a beta tester still leave feedback?

Are you asking about this thread or an app store review?

App Store review. 

You can only rate/review an app on the App Store if you have purchased it. TestFlight is completely separate, and if you use a promo code you cannot leave a review.

Since the Android store isn't device locked, I decided to be a guinea pig for kicks and the game actually seems to work OK on my tablet (a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2).

The only hiccup I've found so far is that if you try clicking the Graphics button after reaching All-Star the game hangs instead of cycling the option.

Also I'm terrible at pitch choosing/guessing. >_>;

The bottom of the 9th song is so funny, good job. 

finally. i've been waiting for it