Bottom of the 9th is on Kickstarter!

Yep, officially got an email that the second tier is gone and it didn’t go through. Any chance for upping the number?

VivaJava: The Coffee Game: The Dice Game: The Decaf Version: Lite!



Phillies are my team.


We can share a good cry next time I see you Arenson9  :cry:


I think that there probably is. I'll talk with Darrell, but I think we might be able to add some more in a week or two after PAX. Hopefully the Kickstarter nonsense will have calmed down by then.


is there anyway they can actually post how much they need for the stretch goals on the kickstarter?

Those will be revealed over the course of the campaign! Stay tuned for more info!

This game looks pretty fun. I've never bought a game from DHMG, but I guess that's about to change!

Also, about the bluffing comment, I get the feeling that the game is more about double-guessing your opponent rather than plain bluffing. Right? I haven't read the rules yet, but I remember Darell talked about it during an episode of "The State of Games" (can't remember wich episode though...).

The Stare Down is the "bluffing" point it seems, but that is a double blind guess.

Both select location, and batter gets bonuses the more correct their guess is.

Yes, exactly as phantaskippy stated.

Each turn starts with the Stare Down. The pitcher secretly chooses the pitch Direction & Location (High/Low and Inside/Away). The batter has the same pair of tokens and is trying to guess what the pitcher will choose. This guess will be made off of the pitcher's ACE ability, the Pitcher's Fatigue track, and their good ol' gut.

Both players then, simultaniously, reveal their tokens. For each guess the batter gets correct, they get a corresponding ability (bigger/better ability if they get both right). For each guess that was wrong, the pitcher gains a corresponding ability- similar to the batter.

Then the pitcher rolls the pitch dice (Pitch & Control) and then mitigates them based on the abilities they have and wish to use.

The batter then rolls their Swing die, and mitigates as well based on the abilities they have and wish to use.

The result of the pitch/swing is then determined.

It sounds like a lot but the above takes about 10-20 seconds.

Hope that helps! 

Sadly Kickstarter still doesn't work for me.  This stinks.

Okay, can someone explain to someone who has never seen a baseball match what "inside" and "away" mean? I assume from context that the terms are functionally equivalent to "left" and "right", but they can't actually mean that otherwise you'd just say "left/right", right?

Is there some special significance to the ninth inning?

Also what do those batting average numbers mean?

It may be obvious by now that I know literally nothing about baseball other than the fact that there's throwing/hitting/catching of a ball, and running, and striped shirts. And hot dogs and beer.

Inside means closer to the batter, outside means away. What direction this is changes depending on what side of the plate the vatter is standing on.

The ninth inning is the last inning. Each team gets a last chance to bat.

The average is the actual average of hitting the ball and getting on base vs getting out. Instead of a percentage, a decimal is used, and you read it as if it wasn’t a decimal. .300 is a 300 batting average, which is good.

Thanks! I'm not sure I'm much wiser, but I have no previous baseball knowledge "context" to hang the information on.

I'm basing this entirely on rounders, since I assume the two sports have to be similar as they involve throwing, hitting, and running around a shape to score points.

Pitching: Does the ball have to be potentially "hittable" when it's pitched without the batter needing to take a step to reach it? Like it has to enter an imaginary area based on where the batter/bat is? So "inside" is the batter side of that area and "away" is the non-batter side. Not left or right because the batter could be on the left or the right (presumably because they 're left or right-handed).

Innings: I assume that only one team bats in each of the previous eight innings, in turn, so an equal number of bats/pitches. Why is there a ninth, in that case?



Each inning has a top half, in which the home team pitches and the visiting team bats, and the bottom half, in which the visiting team pitches and the home team bats.  A half inning is over when the fielding side records 3 outs

The ball has to be hittable without moving. It has to go over the plate the batter is next to. If it is inside, it is between the batter and the plate. If it is outside, it is past the plate on the side without the batter. It also cant be too high or too low.

Each inning has two parts: top and bottom. During each top of the inning, the away team bats, during the. bottom, the home team. It goes:

Top of first
Bottom of first
Top of second

So the ninth's only significant because it's the last? No format changes otherwise?

If the ball can't be hit with a swing

that pitch is a quite legal thing

but it's not counted a strike

the batter gets to hike

up the bases if four balls do ring.


Translation:  If the batter doesn't swing at the ball, and the umpire judges that it wasn't hittable, it doesn't count as a 'strike' against the batter, and if the batter gets 4 'balls', they get to walk to first base.