Bottom of the 9th is on Kickstarter!

Hey, everyone. We just launched a fantastic new game on Kickstarter called Bottom of the 9th. It's a light card and dice game about baseball and bluffing. I had a chance to play with Darrell Louder, one of the designers, and I had a blast. I'm not even a huge baseball guy!

Backed! Love the visual presentation of this one...!

Indeed. Like the rest of the DHMG stuff, it just feels comfortable, like an oft-used simile.

This stinks. Trying to do the second tier, and it keeps timing out, and the number keeps going down.

I was all meh, who wants a baseball game?

Then I read about it, looked at the PnP files, read about the solo variant and the Sentinels of the Ballpark and I'm hooked.

Spending money I don't even have for a game that this morning I didn't even want.

This is all the work of that hideous villain Mergatron!

Yeah KS is having real issues today


Kickstarter doesn't want to take my money either.

I LOVE the design of the player cards. Baseball cards! Great idea! And the Arkham Elders? Good lord did I have such a chuckle.

I'm with Skippy on this one. I'm not a huge baseball fan (don't get me started on the Phillies right now), but this one might have to be a back for me. Price is reasonable, the presentation and looks are fantastic, and I might have to swing at it. 

Print and Play option is also very nice and transparent. I'll be taking advantage of it for sure.

...and I might have to swing at it. 

I've played it, and let me tell you: it's a three-pointer right into the end zone!

(I know nothing about sports.)

I don't know foote, The Arkham Elders might be old enough to actually get an offer from the Phillies. (oh snap)

i really like the sentinels of the 9th strech goal..... wonder if I can talk my wife into letting me pledge. FYI though I didnt see anything about shipping on here.

I'm going to look at it, but if have no interest whatsoever in baseball and bluffing isn't my favourite.

This is how much I love you guys.

If you click to pledge on either level it will automatically add it.  The US shipping is $5 at least.  

This is only funny because of how painfully true it is

This bluffing seems like it would be silent bluffing, not lying to people.

I hate games where I actively have to lie to people, I'm terrible at it, and I try not to lie so it really isn't a skill I wish to develop.

This game the bluffing is largely trying to guess where the other player will be throwing the pitch.

Still not going through, but I have to stop trying and go. Will have to settle for the first tier. Oh, well.


If I had to guess, I would suspect that Viva Java would be your favorite Dice Hate Me game. Have you played it?

I haven't. I don't think I've played any of them, actually. Is there a decaf version? :wink:

VivaJava: The Coffee Game: The Dice Game has a decaf version. No joke.

I love that that's a thing.