Bottom of the 9th world series

I tied for first place it was alot of fun lol you can watch me not remembering to say safe on twitch

Check out @dshields73kcmo’s Tweet:

Cool.   How did it end in a tie for first exactly?

Congratulations, Dennis!

And it was great to meet you. :-)

For the final game we had them play a full inning, starting with the 9th. That ended in a 0-0 tie, so we went to the 10th. That also ended in a 0-0 tie. So as opposed to going into the 11th, the gentlemen decided to split the victory.





That's terrible, next year's winner will now host Gen Con.  That sounds like a reasonable solution to an unfavorable result in an exhibition intended to increase popularity of the game.

Well I rewatched the Video, and I still think I should have got my home run at my first at bat, it was a Strike 6, but I had a +1 power so I rolled a 6+1=7 Hit, but becuase I Rolled a Natural 6, I should still have gotten my smash, and I comfirmed it with another 6 for a Home run. 


But it was alot of fun, and I am still proud to be a World Champ.

I am hopeing to Defend my title next Gen-Con.


Thanks for a great game guys I can't wait to get my Kickstarter!!!!

And it was great to meet you Rabit, Great Ra and arenson9 and Donner

cant wait to play this. hoping to get it in stores before the world series. Be a fun game to play inbetween innings with friends. Especially if my cubbies make it.

Congrats dshields! It was great to meet you as well.


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Here’s the deal with that- Mike and Chris are wrong. You can not Crush off a tied S6 roll with a natural 6. That would be a foul (being tied strikes are fouls). Now, rodney can roll up to a 7, which you did and that is why there was the run phase. Rodney’s currently the only batter who can make Contact on a Strike 6 (because of that modifier). Now, if the pitcher rolled a S5, then yes- you would’ve totally Crushed it and then also hit the HomeRun.

Hope that clears it up. I know the game was a lot to take in with learning the game and jumping right into the tourney. Next year we are making it a requirment to have to know the game to play. Still we had a blast and hope, ultimatly, you did as well. :slight_smile:







You as well and Jeramy, and Pydro, and Daryl, and anyone else I might have missed, I had a great time.

And everyone should Buy Bottom of the 9th it is a great game

And I just saw Will's tweet of Deckbuilder LOL Hope he Shows off any of GTG games on Tabletop.

It was great to meet you too!

I think he already said that SotM won’t work in that format.  :slightly_frowning_face: