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So, I got the game from kickstarter yesterday, and I really like it, but I had 2-ish questions about the rules.


First: When abilities give you a "Choose 2" ability, does that allow you to pick the same ability twice? At first, I would have said no, but then cards that are "Pick 2: (Red/White) would make no sense, otherwise. In that case, would a batter be able to pick their Star ability twice, given the option of "Pick 2: (Star/White/Red)


Second: Is there any order you have to follow for modifying swings? When an ability says to "set the dice to a certain value," can you then modify it with a +/-1?  I don't remember the specifics, but I remember there was one character that could throw a B6 by default to get relief. But then, as his ace pitch, if he rolled a B3-5, he could flip one of the dice to its other side. Could I then lower that to a B5, then flip the B to either a S or C, and end up with a really powerful pitch for only 1 fatigue? Is that legal?

Maybe your answers are here:

I commented in the one for Mike to post on here but he said he would leave it up to DHMG and GtG folks

Yeah, that pretty much covered it!

Question about speed modifiers. What does Tachyon's +1 speed get her? Does she take 2 bases? What about Haka's -1 speed? 

It means on 4, 5, or 6 Tachyon gets to base safely when rolling off on a hit.  For Haka it means he has to roll a 6 to get on base safely when rolling off on a hit. 

Thanks! Makes sense. Did I just miss that in the rule book or is there another source of knowledge?

Under RUN! on page 8 in it's own box it talks about the Speed and Fielding trait.  

Totally just missed it. Thanks again. 

It's easy to do.   I had to review the rule book myself to make sure it was there.