Brew Crafters

She could if she had an appropriate lens.

Will you ever be re-releasing the Brewcrafters expansion? Was it just not very good?

There was an expansion?

I had to look it up myself as well and found this Brew Crafters: Marketing Basics | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Looks more like a promo set. It sounds interesting to have basic beers that are worth 3 rep.

That was a promo! If we re-release it, it will be a while from now and depend on sales of the base game, etc.

It's a pretty nifty promo.

I love this game, but I never get to play it.  (it was 18 months between "Kickstarter Delivered" and "First play")

Tactics aside, Brew Crafters is by far the GTG game I've played the most, followed shortly by New Bedford.

(Unless we count the SotM app, in which case that beats everything else put together.)