Broken links pointing to old forums

There are existing links on the Internet (and in the Sentinels digital version) to the old forums, such as:

This redirects to:


Which is an invalid site (forums.greaterthangames.comtopic). It looks like it should try to redirect to:

Is it possible for the link redirection to be fixed?


Is anyone monitoring this section for feedback?

Yeah, but I believe there’s only one person who can fix these kinds of issues. :confused:
@cajunjoel, is there anything that can be done for these?

Looks like these are sorted out. Someone at GTG HQ contacted me to work on fixing them.

That’s caught most of them but there are some links that are still broken.

For example:

That redirects to:

Which is is still a broken link. But if the numerical suffix is removed (from either of those two links) it goes to the right place:


There’s also some weird ones that I don’t know if they can be fixed:

Redirects to:

But is apparently supposed to go to:

I can only assume the thread was renamed at some point.

Certain punctuation also seems to be encoded differently now, this doesn’t work:

But this does:

Yeah, given the difference between how “friendly” URLs are created between the old site and the new, it’s not always going to be an exact match. In a perfect world, all would be remapped but that’s awfully time consuming with the thousands of topics we have. In the short term, addressing those that are most common is probably the way to go.


Thanks, that’s a great improvement!

Foote’s guide to Benchmark is among those which are still broken.

@cajunjoel , did something change about the redirection? The Spirit Island FAQ has a number of links going to places like

which now redirects to

rather than

(It also works without that numerical suffix.)

There are also links like this one:

I’m guessing those are hopeless.

Thanks for bringing this up, DPT! Hopefully Joel will be able to check in on this soon. :+1: