Built my first character, need advice on a technical/mechanics question

Hi Everyone. I just built my first character for the Sentinels RPG and I could use some help!
I wanted to make a character that was based all around being a walking talking Trophy System (Defends allies by shooting projectiles/intercepting damage).
With that in mind would alertness be a good quality when it comes to making General Defend actions?


Welcome to the Forums, @Zonero174!

Alertness can definitely be used to Defend against almost any physical threat; If one can sense something better, one can Defend against it better. Generally in SCRPG, if you can fictionally justify it in the narrative, you can do it.

If you’re talking about mechanical usefulness, pretty much all the Powers and Qualities don’t really have any mechanical differences. It’s all about how you use it in the narrative.

If you’re interested in mechanical comparisons of Powers, Qualities, and other things, I recommend . . .

Thanks for the quick response! Your first bullet answered my question, I was mostly wondering if alertness would be an appropriate quality to use for these defensive purposes. (I think I could have made my first post more clear, sorry about that!)

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