Cape Diable Organization Profile: Myrmidon Security

Look, this one went long so I’m just going to post the google docs link. This group isn’t the Big Bad exactly, but they are definitely one of the main competitors for the role.

Anyway, like it says in the writeup, I tried some weird stuff with the minions and lieutenants, and I may just be making more work for myself, but I wanted to give it a shot. We’ll see how it goes in practice.


Myrmidon Grenadier: Remember, in school, when you laughed at your math teacher and told them you were never going to use this trig stuff and that the class was useless? These guys are made up of the ones in the back that took offense. Grenadiers are equipped with highly advanced explosive launchers and use that most terrifying of disciplines, raw math, to put those explosives exactly where they want them to go. It’s just a shame that so often exactly where they want them to go is right on top of an inconvenient political figure’s head.


This got a laugh out of me.

Looking over the experimental mechanics…

Myrmidon Assault’s Specialized Training doesn’t look too bad, as long as the Minion or Lieutenant group all picks the same option for the turn.
Myrmidon Grenadier’s Modular Ammunition feels a bit clunky, but there’s not an amazing fix as far as I can tell.
Myrmidon Medic’s On Your Feet Soldier strikes me as a bit too complex or powerful, but I can’t decide which. My recommendation would be something along the following lines:
Myrmidon Medic d8 Minion/Lieutenant

  • On Your Feet, Soldier! (A): Roll your die twice. Increase the die size of a damaged minion or lieutenant to a d4 or by one step, or a nearby Villain Recovers using the lower roll. Hinder yourself using the higher roll.
  • Gimme A Red (Lieutenant Only) (A): Increase the die size of a minion or lieutenant by one step, or Boost a Villain with a +3 on the roll.

Med-Drone d6 Minion

  • Flying First-Aid Kit (I): Whenever a Myrmidon Medic Hinders themself, remove that penalty.

Similar to that, I’d recommend the following wording change for the DO (Battlehound) abilities.

  • Field Repairs (A): Raise the die size of your damaged drone by 1 step and Hinder yourself, or Boost it with a +2 on the roll.
  • Emergency Reboot (A): Once per scene, you may set your paired drone’s die size to a d6, even if it’s OUT’d.

Otherwise, it’s not that odd compared to some of the experimental stuff that I’ve done. Most of my wording change recommendations are based in being able to read the ability quickly, but it’s fully up to you if you want to use them.

I like it! Thanks, this is what I was hoping for when I posted this. While I’ve run Sentinels before, it was in a non-traditional group (1 player, 2 NPCs that were controlled by the player) and while that gave me a good understanding of some of the rules, it wasn’t everything. Also, I’m not usually one for home-brew, but I decided to give it a go.