Captain Cosmic needs a lift.

So I was playing Captain Cosmic in the card game, and I had a thought.

I'd really like to see the double tall from Construct Cataclysm, or a similar construct in Prime Wars.


It could be 2 hexes, you place it, and then end of turn it moves straight forward 4-6 spaces, and anyone it collides with it pushes and deals damage.  I'd have it push them with the token, so they always end up directly in front of (or on) it.  End of your next turn if you still have the card in play it keeps going in that same direction, if there's room for more wording you could have an action on it to turn the bus, although that might be too good.

It would also mix up his kit a bit, and give him a cool way to push people through his other constructs.

This also gave me a mental image of Cosmic sometimes summoning a giant double decker bus for the team to travel around in and it made me happy.

I imagine he creates a yellow submarine for space travel.  

...This can only lead to Scooby-Doo references. :D