Card Database

Any chance of seeing the cards on CardgameDB/similar site?  I would love to see the cards that are out there that I don't have and also so I can review them when away from my collection.  I really like this game and I think something like this would really help w/ familiarization.

I've considered a couple of times of expanding my card list and EE updates list into a full card list (because I'm a completionist like that).  But I always decide not to, because that seems like it might be going too far.  If the full text of every card were easily available, there'd be nothing stopping someone from printing their own PnP version of the game without paying >G a dime.

that’s precisely why I police the wiki against card text.

for games like magic or l5r its beneficial for players to be able to print out cards they don’t have - this allows them to build new decks and try new strategies. because they have to have the official card for any sort of tournament the main source of people playing the game (or at least the crowd being catered too) still will have to buy the cards somewhere, and that means someone is buying boxes and boxes of cards.

for sentinels there are only the set cards. never any variation in decks. because it’s coop you’re meant to play with friends so being able to print your own decks would be very disadvantageous to >g


In MTG's case the game is also available in like 11 languages (and even some promo cards with no text), so having a resource to look up text can be essential.

We will eventually have an official card database on this site! It is just a matter of Joel having the time to put it together.

Thanks, Paul - good to know.

If it's something the community can help with (like someone voluteering to type in the contents of a specific deck), let us know!

Paul, why would you do that?  If you can't keep people who haven't paid you from printing out your game for free, that doesn't seem like a wise business decision.  Maybe for just a couple of decks so people could give the game a trial run, but not every card in the game, surely?

I imagine if you're only allowed to view one card at a time (rather than seeing a list of every card and its contents), it would be quite tedious to re-create the whole game.

Think of it like when the TV and movie folks went crazy over VHS technology. The amount of work to actually replicate and redistribute a movie or TV show was so far out of the scope of the average consumer that, even if they didn't make any laws about it, any secondhand market wouldn't have dented actual movie sales. With the ease of digital recording and distribution, they have a stronger case, so >G just needs to make sure that it's not incredibly easy to copy and print every card.

So if someone is going to replicate the game on their own, they would need to manually copy and paste every card into their own database and print them all off of that - and any art they want to add would be painstaking to add as well. On top of that, >G doesn't need to publish how many copies of each card are in each deck, so there would be even more research. The incredible time investment required to get just one free game is remarkable to ponder (and if >G put any sort of minimally intrusive ads on their card pages, they'd make their whateverths of a penny per page view times however many cards there are).

If someone was interested in making cheap second-hand copies and selling their own pirated versions, they'd have an investment in equipment anyway, so what's to stop them from buying a legit copy of the game and just copying all the cards on their own?


We are able to make and print this game cost-effectively because of economies of scale. If anyone attempted to re-print even just Enhanced Edition themselves as a one-off, they would quickly discover that they'd be better off financially just buying the game.


Yea I mean not to mention the effort needed to create the cards, print the cards, and cut the cards in addition to the cost of just printing it.

Especially since this game has a very high card count.

From my printing of the playtest cards from the proof so I have nice cards while waiting for te real ones? I estiamte one batch of printer ink per expansion. It's way cheaper to just buy the game.

If playing over the internet you would not need to print the cards, it is very, very easy to mock up a deck, particularly when the card count is readily available.

In the reality of this situation >G has a fan base now that is large enough to support them - and were a pretty rabid fanbase. None of us who were in on the Kickstarters are going to pirate any future expansions, given how much we love our current cards. 


There may be a small amount of people who do proxy the game, but even if its 'cheaper' (it might be cheaper as you already have the paper and ink, or access to unlimited paper and ink (like smafdi that bugger)) will probably eventually turn around to purchase the game if just to have the nicer cards. Printing out cards generally means sleaving them and a lot of work.


It would allow people to try out the game who are on the fence, if they want to put in the work, and it be interesting for those players who want the minis.


of course, like my first statement says, the fand base is pretty rabid. You get hooked. Ive not heard one person who says they have a lukewarm reception to the game. They either do not want to play, or they /love/ it and want it all. 

Totally agreed.

I have also created a text-less PnP for Boss Monster based on the information on the wiki. It basically takes a lot of work laying out the cards so they cut properly, cutting them was also a hassle. Also then you are missing the great art out there. Its mostly just easier to purchase the game.


I definitely think a card database would be handy. When I'm reading a strategy guide but don't have the deck in front of me, for example, I don't always remember which card is which and some heroes' card names all sound the same to me.

I'd also like to second the notion that if there's anything we can do to help the effort, let us know! I'd be more than happy to type up all the cards if that would make a difference.

Technically I sort of already typed up a bunch of card details...but they're in the form of quizzes (guess the card name when given only the text) over on Sporcle so I suppose that doesn't count ;). Speaking of which, I need to get back to that - still had a bunch of decks I hadn't got round to doing quizzes for yet, plus I now need to do Shattered Timelines, plus all the promo decks I've now got my hands on...

Apologies for necro-posting, but is there some kind of card DB fot SotM now? I am getting into the game (its Android version, to be precise), and I'm also reading more and more strategy guides for the characters. However, I don't know the cards by their names, but rather by art or effect.

An AWESOME use case for card art would be pop-up in strategy guides when you hover mouse over card name. The art could even be very low quality to minimise the risk of someone breaching the copyright (or making a self-printed copy of the game), but it would still be VERY useful for the readers of guides (or for discussion).

All the card effects are listed out on the wiki. Alternatively, if you open the Android version of the game and go the The Multiverse section of the main menu, you can pick any deck and press the “show cards” button to get a full list of all cards in the deck with art.