Chairman tips

Hi, I’m new to both this forum and sotm. I recently finished the base game stuff, so I downloaded took city and am having a super tough time with the chairman. Does anyone have any tips? Thanks.

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Both Haka’s Savage Mana and the Visionary’s Brain Burn can go a long way to making the fight much easier, as they can both keep villain targets out of the trash. My most memorable Chairman game had me playing Brain Burn on turn one, and it was quite easy from then on.

Also, I thought that there was a big thread that had links to all the strategy guides, but I can’t seem to find it…

If you really just need a win, and you only have the base set and Rook City, consider using Legacy. A majority of the damage dealt in the Chairman fight is melee, so if Legacy uses Next Evolution to become immune to it, he can redirect all the villain damage with Lead from the Front.

And if you’re willing to forgo his base power, a Legacy Ring and second copy of Next Evolution can also give him projectile immunity and make it impossible for the Chairman’s goons to hurt the heroes! Just watch out for thieves stealing your stuff. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tips guys!

Make sure to bring heroes who can do area of effect damage. Haka’s Rampage is especially potent when paired with Savage Mana.

Heroes who can block damage (Tachyon’s Hypersonic Assault, Wraith’s Throat Jab, Haka’s Ground Pound, …) or reduce incoming damage are extremely helpful in stopping the Operative’s retaliation damage.

Many players try to take down the Operative early, likewise to shut down her retaliation. This is extremely helpful but not always possible (or necessary). If you have any extra damage to throw around, though, always chuck some at the Operative. She’s literally the only villain target you can hit without getting hit back!

Last, think about what villain cards are on the board and carefully prioritize them based on their effects. Enforcers are annoying, but Informants and The Contract are extremely bad news for the heroes. Thieves are often bad, but you can sometimes plan around them and concentrate on others. Crooked Cops don’t hurt you, but they do slow down your progress. Whichever are out at any given time, some may be more important to take out (and worth it to suffer the retaliation) than others.

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