Chapter 2 is live

As the title says season 2 of Sentinels of freedom is up
we know Guise and his cat are in it as well as Set Back
If you are a KS backer check the project


This was a surprise! Sadly my graphics card died earlier this year and…now is not a good time to try and buy a new one! But maybe my wife will let me borrow her computer…

Cool. Nice surprise. And a nice break from the new Stellaris expansion.

Setback’s voice sounds off, though. In the sense of problems with the recording, not a problem with the selection.

Well on Letters Page no “the” they said there was problems with the Setback recording. But i think it was more not learning he got the job and getting to the recording on time.

I will be putting Evil Genius 2 aside to play this

Hooray! My integrated graphics are just barely enough to play.

Boo! Apparently I have to redo the entirety of Chapter 1.

Really? :open_mouth: You don’t have a continue option? At least, I assume continue will just pick me up at the start of chapter 2…

I had been experimenting with another hero build, and continue just went there, but I was able to load the game of my main from the last save of Chapter 1, no problem.

I pressed the continue button, but it didn’t find my old save. I’m guessing the old save wasn’t compatible with the major update they made to Chapter 1.

Well, anyway, this gives me the chance to build a new hero, now that I know the classes with area-of-effect abilities are not really optional against the sheer numbers of enemies I’ll encounter.