Character building and gameplay help

So… me and my play group are about to start t
A game of the Rpg FINALLY. we’re all building characters before hand and sanding them to fit our group later. We all discussed generally what we want to play before hand.

This was all chosen BEFORE any of us even owned the book.
I’m building an amorphous void spirt who channels the void into dark and light.

The problem… I learned to play rpgs in a series of heavy power gamer groups. I’ve since moved past it and am very good at finding a power level that is fun but doesn’t over shadow other players… IN GAMES I KNOW BACKWARDS AND FORWARD. But sentinels is very new to me so…

Here is the interaction.

The artificial being yellow that causes me to heal from radiant damage instead of taking it.

The Elemental Manipulater greens tent to deal self damage…

Because yellows in EM are similar, I have to imagine this is intentional. Is this interaction too powerful? Am I over thinking this? Is there a rule I missed somewhere?

I don’t want to scrap it because overall the character came out almost exactly how I wanted it but I don’t want to fall into the bad habits I had in the past.


You didn’t miss anything. The self-damage-healing interaction is definitely intentional. Just look at the official hero Absolute Zero.


Okay, so it is probably just me over analyzing. I was just worried because I also took a power to deal my self infernal and also deal it to someone else…
Okay… I may have accidentally built light/dark Absolute Zero… lol

Thanks, I haven’t had time to go through a lot yet so its good to hear i had NOT accidentally broken something already.