Coming on the Switch on July 30

For those who haven't seen elsewhere and are interested, Sentinels of Freedom is coming to the Nintendo Switch tommorow (July 30)! I definitely will be getting it on the Switch, and I can't wait to try it out!

It's live to be purchased on Switch now

Also it's 20% off!

Edit: Well, I bought it and started playing it.  I can't recommend it.  The controls literally do not register a significant percentage of the time.  The camera rotates backward from the way I expect and "Invert X Axis" on the settings screen has no effect.  The font is absolutely microscopic on the Switch portable screen.  And it takes so long to load I thought it had crashed.

Hopefully a patch will be incoming shortly....

I did see a comment to this effect on Underbite’s Discord with an acknowledgement from a member of the team, so hopefully this at least is being addressed.

I didn't have any issue with the text size so far and I play primarily undocked. 

I can live with the font issue. The deal breaker for me is the inputs that just don't work. Tachyon has an attack that hits 4 times, and the interface just stopped working after 3 hits and I had to cancel the 4th. Even when it's just a move that won't work, and I can fix it by cancelling and moving the camera around, it's incredibly annoying.