Completely Random Heroes

While reading MindWanderer’s character creation thread, I started wondering what kind of result you’d get from making a character completely randomly. Not just guided mode, but literally choosing every single ability and detail by random determination. Would they make sense? Would they be fun to play? So I tried it, and made a couple of random characters.

For the steps where you would choose Background, Power Source, Archetype, and Personality: I rolled all the dice indicated, figured out what the results from using those dice would be, then chose randomly from those results. For instance, if I rolled a 1, 6, and 7, the possible results would be 1, 6, 7, 8, or 13. So I would roll a die to randomly choose one of those 5 options.

For abilities, I randomly rolled which abilities the hero would get, and also rolled randomly to see which power or quality the ability is linked to.

For red abilities, I’m first rolling randomly among every power and quality the character has to choose one, then going to the section for that power or quality, and rolling randomly to choose a Red ability from that section.

Finally, after rolling and recording everything, I gave myself permission to make the minimum amount of tweaks to make the character make sense / be playable.

En Pointe

Background: Adventurer
Power Source: Relic
Archetype: Close Combat
Personality: Cheerful

HP: 24
Green 19-24: d10, Yellow 10-18: d8, Red 1-9: d8

Powers: Haunted Rapier d10, Spectral Carriage d8, Intuition d8, Intangibility d8

Qualities: Close Combat d10, Leadership d10, Acrobatics d8, Stealth d6, Swashbuckling Detective d8

Green Abilities
Determination(I): Whenever you Attack an enemy that has inflicted a penalty on you, treat that penalty as if it were a bonus for the purpose of that Attack.
Dual Strike(A): Attack one target using Close Combat. Attack a second target using your Min die.
Throw Minion(A): Attack a minion using Haunted Rapier. Whatever that minion rolls as defense Attacks another target of your choice.
Flexible Stance(A): Take any two basic actions using Close Combat, each using your Min die.
Principle of Stealth(A): Overcome to infiltrate somewhere or avoid detection and use your Max die. You and each of your allies gain a hero point
Principle of the Detective(A): Overcome to learn hidden information and use your Max die. You and each of your allies gain a hero point.

Yellow Abilities
Carriage Block(R): When another hero in the Yellow or Red zone would take damage, you may Defend them by rolling your single Spectral Carriage die.
Power of the Sword(A): Boost yourself using Haunted Rapier. Use your Max die. Hinder a nearby opponent with your Min die.
Two-handed Strike(R): Attack using Intuition. Use your Max die.

Red Abilities
Carriage Ride(A): Boost yourself using Spectral Carriage. Use your Max die. That bonus is persistent and exclusive. Attack using your Mid die plus that bonus.
Withering Disapproval(A): Hinder using Leadership. Use your Max+Min dice. Boost yourself or an ally with your Mid die.

Out Ability: Boost an ally by rolling your single Spectral Carriage die.

Story: Arthur McGraw was a relic dealer who fenced treasures stolen from various tombs and museums. When he picked up a haunted rapier he became possessed by the spirit of a French masked vigilante from the 17th century. Though he retains his own personality most of the time, he now feels compelled to right various wrongs in the world, with a sword and a smile. When he is in hero identity as En Pointe, he is unfailingly positive and optimistic. His major powers are his haunted rapier which fills him with sword-fighting knowledge and his spectral carriage: a 17th century horse-drawn carriage that can fly and go right through walls. During combat sometimes the carriage appears out of nowhere to fly in and block attacks. His crime-fighting costume looks like a cross between Zorro and something from the 3 Musketeers.

My Notes: This character seems very playable and fun, despite having been made randomly. I was surprised by the way Signature Vehicle got tied into a few abilities, but I think it’s fun to have a ghostly vehicle that suddenly appears to block attacks. For his “Carriage Ride” red ability I’m imagining the carriage appears and he jumps onto it, fighting from the top of the carriage as it swoops around. The main tweak I made here was getting rid of “Robotics” which he had rolled at d6. It made no sense with anything on the character and wasn’t tied to any abilities. I switched it for giving him Stealth at d6 instead, since he had rolled Principle of Stealth. It would have sucked to play a character with Principle of Stealth but no Stealth ability at all.


oh my god, this is cool, I highly support this endeavor XD

Also, this guy sounds really fun, I love what you came up with. :smiley:

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You know what just occurred to me? For some reason I thought ‘En Pointe’ was a sword-fighting term, but I just realized it’s actually a ballet term! Now I feel dumb, should have named him ‘En Garde’ or ‘Riposte’ or something like that.

I partially made a random character like this once. Maybe I’ll dust it off and finish it sometime.

Heh, I bet his teammates will tease him about that! : )

Second Random Hero

Zamun the Ifrit

Background: Retired
Power Source: Genetic
Archetype: Elemental Manipulator
Personality: Mischievous

HP: 32

Power Quality Status
Fire d12 Banter d10 Green 32-25 d6
Vitality d10 Imposing d10 Yellow 24-12 d8
Flying Carpet d8 Close Combat d8 Red 11-1 d8
Flight d6 Spirit of Fire d8
Illusions d6

Green Abilities
Boasting(A): Boost yourself using Banter. That bonus is persistent and exclusive.
Backlash(A): Attack using Fire. Use your Max die. Take damage equal to your Min die.
External Combustion(A): Attack up to two targets using Fire. Also take an amount of damage equal to your Mid die.
Principle of Detachment(A): Overcome a challenge related to duress or fear and use your Max die. You and each of your allies gain a hero point.
Principle of the Time Traveler(A): Overcome a problem using knowledge from your home era and use your Max die. You and each of your allies gain a hero point.

Yellow Abilities
Danger Sense(R): When damaged by an environment target or a surprise Attack, Defend by rolling your single Flight die.
Area Assault(A): Attack multiple targets using Illusions, using your Min die against each.
Fire Absorption(R): If you would take damage from fire, reduce that damage to 0 and Recover that amount of Health instead.

Red Abilities
Body of Fire(R): When you are Attacked and dealt damage, you may Attack the source of that damage by rolling your single Vitality die, plus the amount of damage you take.
Carpet Dive-bomb(A): Attack up to three nearby targets using Magic Carpet. Use your Max+Mid dice against each of them. You cannot use your Magic Carpet power for the rest of this scene and until it is recovered/repaired.

Out Ability: Hinder an opponent by rolling your single Fire die.

Story: Zamun is an Ifrit, a spirit of fire, and has been alive for thousands of years, mostly living as a thief and prankster, but after a while he retired and settled down. He came out of retirement in 950 BCE for One Last Job where he and his gang tried to steal King Solomon’s 60-mile-wide flying carpet. He got caught, and the king sealed him away with the Seal of Solomon into a jug. Almost 3,000 years later, an archaeologist uncapped the jug and released Zamun into the modern world. As he was being sealed away, he managed to rip off a piece of the green and gold silk flying carpet and it still flies, although it looks a bit ragged at the edges. He is amazed by all the inventions of the modern world and has decided to cast himself as a hero, even if he has little idea what this means. His personality is mischievous but also proud and haughty (hence the principle of detachment). His illusion power just represents him being able to shape fire into different images, but they still appear to be made of fire.

My Notes: I was initially having a hard time putting this one together in my mind because I was stuck on Principle of the Time Traveler and thinking he had to be from the future. I was thinking his signature vehicle would be his time machine and I was trying to figure out who this retired fire-guy from the future was, who was both mischievous and detached. Then I realized he could be from the past, and everything snapped together and made sense. Honestly, the biggest thing that can throw a wrench into the works with making a random character is the principles, they can automatically take what you were thinking and throw it in an entirely new direction. The big tweak I made on this guy was making sure he had the Fire Absorption yellow ability. Without that, having a self-damaging elemental manipulator would kinda suck. It’s hard for me to imagine anyone making an elemental manipulator and NOT taking that ability.


I once made a Ra build that had the Ability that lets you attack whenever you get hit by your element, instead of the healing one. It didn’t work out too well . . .

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I made an Elemental Manipulator at one point who had both the Yellow Absorption and the Yellow Redirection abilities. It worked better than expected.

Kipplesnacks (on the discord, but apparently not here?) made this whole process automated. villains too, even.


That’s an awesome site, thanks for linking it!

Of course, it doesn’t do the most important (and fun) part of the process, which is taking the crazy random things rolled and trying to make some kind of sense out of them.

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So, I made another random character using the Kipplesnacks generator.


Background: Tragic
Power Source: Training
Archetype: Psychic
Personality: Natural Leader

HP: 26

Power Quality Status
Remote Viewing d10 Banter d8 Green 21-26 d6
Blood Reliquary d10 Medicine d8 Yellow 10-20 d8
Animal Control d8 Imposing d10 Red 1-9 d10
Absorption d10 Psychic Vampire d8
1958 DeSoto Hearse d8
Presence d6

Green Abilities
Psychic Coordination(A): Boost using Remote Viewing. Apply that bonus to all hero Attack and Overcome actions until the start of your next turn.
Psychic Insight(R): After rolling during your turn, you may take 1 damage to reroll your entire dice pool.
Principle of Great Power(A): Overcome a situation using one of your highest rated powers and use your Max die. You and each of your allies gain a hero point.
Principle of the Undead(A): Overcome a situation where your undead nature comes in handy and use your Max die. You and each of your allies gain a hero point.

Yellow Abilities
Reactive Field(R): When you are attacked by a nearby enemy, the attacker also takes an equal amount of damage.
Flowing Fight(A): Attack using signature weapon. Use your Mid die to Attack one extra target for each bonus you have. Apply a different bonus to each Attack.
Swarm(A): Attack multiple targets using Animal Control and use your Min die.
Astral Projection(A): Overcome using Remote Viewing and use your Max+Min dice. You do not have to be physically present in the area you are Overcoming.

Red Abilities
Give Time(R): Boost another hero using Remote Viewing. If that hero has already acted for the turn, use your Max die, and that hero loses Health equal to your Min die. That hero acts next in the turn order.
Final Wrath(A): Attack using Remote Viewing. Use your Max+Mid+Min dice. Take a major twist

Out Ability: Boost an ally using single Banter die.

Story: Thomas Varney spent decades building his psychic awareness through intense training of his inner eye and astral self. He used to be widely known in superhero circles as a psychic who would use his abilities to help out, often astrally appearing to a hero with some important piece of information at the crucial hour. He drew too much attention to himself, however, when he helped a hero team attack the Court of Blood. One night, as he was out of his body on an astral jaunt, vampires slaughtered his family. Thomas was returning to his body just as the leader of the vampires was feeding on him. The vampire got more than he bargained for, as Thomas’ psychic self was also pulled into the vampire. Thomas’ mind was far more powerful than the vampire’s, and Thomas was able to overwhelm the vampire, destroying the vampire’s mind and granting Thomas a new immortal body. Naturally, he also used his psychic powers to destroy the other vampires, but it was too late for his family. After a lengthy period of mourning, he eventually rejoined the hero community, now as a psychic vampire. In addition to his astral projection abilites, he now can control animals, and he has the Blood Reliquary, an artifact taken from the Court of Blood, that can attack foes at range. Although he has to feed his vampiric body, he can use his psychic Absorption to take energy from a villain without having to actually drink blood. If he has to fight crime during the day, he will stay in his 1958 DeSoto hearse with extremely dark-tinted windows, using only his remote viewing-based powers. The hearse is very creepy for other heroes to ride in, especially as he has a colony of bats living in the back.

My Notes: This isn’t the most powerful of characters, but he has an interesting grab bag of abilites, making a nice support/booster character. He has a little bit of everything. I used the retcon to swap his Remote Viewing die with his Vehicle die, but otherwise I didn’t make any tweaks. Bet you never expected to see ‘1958 DeSoto hearse’ as a power on a Sentinels character!


Alright, I decided to join in on the fun. Here’s a Hero I made using Kipplesnacks’ generator.

(I flipped a coin to determine the character’s sex.)


After the Army higher-ups saw how successful Vernon Carter was in the new Bunker Exo-Chassis, they wanted Project Ironclad to build another Supersoldier. The cost of building the Bunker suit made Project Ironclad turn to a different method, though: an experimental Super-Serum derived from insect DNA. Carter recommended that Project Ironclad give the serum to his brother-in-arms, Orville Crick. Sadly, the Serum had no effect on Orville, and that project was shelved. However, the Army still wanted another Supersoldier, so Project Ironclad built the Personal Aerial Exo-Chassis YS-1000, a winged mechanical battlesuit, nicknamed “The Cricket” for its insectoid look. Orville Crick was chosen to pilot it. He used it well in the War against the Axis Powers. When Orville returned home from the War, he started a family. One day when his oldest daughter, Amelia, fell out of a tree she was climbing, she sprouted insect-like wings to stop her fall. Orville surmised that Amelia’s mutation must have been because of the Supersoldier-Serum he was injected with back during WWII. Amelia grew up, studied medicine, and, following in her father’s footsteps, joined the US Army as a combat medic. Unfortunately, she was wounded in battle, and could only be kept alive with a special technological stabiliser. She was honourably discharged, yet still felt the need to help people, so she became the superhero known as Crickette.

The powers Crickette inherited from her father include a pair of insectoid wings, a resilient carapace, extraordinary leaping ability, a quick mind, and the ability to discover what transpired somewhere by analysing residual scents. Her father also gave her some of the gadgets from his Cricket suit to use in her crime-fighting.


Here’s the second random Hero I made, also using the Kipplesnacks generator.


Ulysses Nathaniel Sien was an average factory manager. One day when he was walking in the woods near town, he spotted an old, rundown-looking shack and went into it to explore. Inside, he encountered a Discord Witch who magically captured him. She performed mystical experiments on him, and tied his lifeforce to a suit of wooden armour. Nathaniel eventually used that armour to escape the Witch’s captivity. He kept the armour, but returned to his normal life. Yet, it appeared that the Witch had cursed him with a savage bloodlust. So, instead of risking hurting innocents, he decided to take out his mystic rage on criminals and other malcontents, becoming a hero.

Nathaniel’s Wood Armour bestowed upon him the ability to become invisible, which is the inspiration for his heroic alias, Unseen, and was how he escaped the Discord Witch’s lair. But the Witch’s experiments also altered his mind. Besides cursing him with an animalistic savagery, they improved his awareness and intuitiveness to extraordinary levels, as well as granting him an understanding of the workings of physical reality.

There’s a random hero generator now? :open_mouth: That is… intense!

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Yep! An unofficial one here.

Thanks . . . ?
I came up with that “curse of savagery” because I thought, why would an Unremarkable person have the Principle of Savagery?

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Heh, I bet his teammates will tease him about that! : )

Ballet dancers toes can be leathal weapons… Landing a leap en point puts a LOT of pressure on a small (and often hardened) spot of the slipper, and can easily crack ribs…

Throwing the minions? Pull them in with a spin to wrap them in a sash, then spin them against the blade for a 360° cut. The hinder? Arterial blood!

Years of dedicated dancing, tight russian Rukhavas , and learning the infamous Primo Sneer… (withering disapproval)…

Two Handed Strike becomes “Spin & Strike” - no mechanics change, just a description of a quick spin to intuit where to jab…

Name the out ability: “Carriage Soliloquy of Distraction”

En Pointe can be a wonderful metaphor-driven expectation twister. (pun VERY intentional) THe background becomes a Russian Primo Ballarino. (I knew one. His kicks were painful well before he was a primo.)

(Points being made: (1) The same stats can be used for two different interpretations. (2) wonky name choices can lead to reinterpretations of the character)

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