Compounded sold out?

Did you guys already sell out of compounded or has it not been put into the store yet. Was looking to pick that up. 

Looks like they sold out. It was definitely available in the store right after GenCon. They sold out at GenCon, as well!

CoolStuffInc still has plenty of stock, and I'd expect a reprint, given how fast it sold.

Ya I know a few places that do. Just surprised because it looks like a great game for science fans and science fans are nerds who love board games so figured they would have ordered more. 

We are sold out, and much faster than we expected! I have already ordered more, but I'm not confident that it will be back on our web store before the end of the year. If you want a copy as a gift for the holidays, or for any other reason, I recommend getting it from a retailer that currently has it in stock before they sell out too!

I'm glad I got my copy already! I've introduced it to several different groups, and everyone seems to like it.

Congratulations on selling out! I'm rather pleased I was obsessive enough to follow the distributors notice to buy it ASAP though...

I wonder how it would sell in places like the Science Museum in London? The game is accessible enough, and it's pretty cool way to talk about chemistry. That said, it doesn't sound like it needs to be sold in more places as the current ones are doing well enough!

Usually this is a bad thing. :smiley: