Out of all the games by dice hate me, compounded is the one I am most interested in, especially with my group. Any word when it will be back in stock or a rough estimate?

Before too long. There was a Kickstarter for the Geiger expansion, and the core game will be reprinted along with it.

Ok sounds good. Will keep my eyes out for it. Is there any changes to the game if I find it in a store compared to reprint?

The currently-in-progress reprint of Compounded is identical to the first print run.

Will there be any copies heading to the UK? I've noticed very few suplliers have any of the DHMG products listed at all. Also will Diner be shipping with it? That sounds like an intriguing little title too (and worth a gamble at probably about £8)

There are currently various DHM games on their way to the UK. Specifically, the little "Rabbits" games (including Diner) as well as Brew Crafters. They are going to Spiral Galaxy Games, which is a small distributor. It will probably be a few weeks before they arrive due to Atlantic transit times. I am certain that they will be picking up Compounded once it is back in print as well. Unfortunately, they missed out on Viva Java: The Dice Game, Great Heartland Hauling Co., Carnival, and Belle of the Ball before they went out of print.

Thanks for the info Paul - definitely a shame about Great Heartland, that's another one I want to take a look at (Even if inspansion is a terrible word!)