Hi all,

Is there a FAQ for this game? I did a three player dummy run to get the rules down so I can teach the game and I was wondering about a few things (Apologies if I missed the rulebook where they covered these):

1. If you use the cylinder to move the study marker down, do you lose the journal (possibly allowing another player to grab one), or does that stay with you once you've earned it once?
2. The workbench description for the journal says "Whenever you score a compound, you may place one element from it on to your lab table", but the rulebook makes it sound like that can only be done for a single scoring compound in the lab phase. I'm presuming the rule book is correct?
3. If a compound is completed but unclaimed (either because the person completing it lacked a claim token, or because of a lab fire scattering elements to it), is it removed in the lab phase with no-one scoring, or does it remain until someone claims it in the study phase?
4. What decides the order in which flammable compounds explode when they get their final fire token? Are they all removed simultaneously, elements scattering to new compounds afterwards? Or do they burn one at a time from top left to top right, until you reach the bottom right?

I have to say, I'm looking forward to playing it properly - it seems to offer a lot of interesting decisions, more so when the chemical chaos cards are added in!

Hi! I picked up the game after GenCon, and have been enjoying it.

1. My interpretation was that you keep the journal, since nothing says that you lose it.

2. I totally missed that in the rule book. I think you're right, though I had been playing it the other way.

3. It is removed. This is answered in these BGG threads (note that Chris Kirkman and Darrell Louder are designers):

4. This post says it's in order of the owner of the compounds: . The post got official endorsement.

It is lots of fun!


Have those answers been compiled anywhere? To be honest, I think everything I want to know has been covered, though might ask about 1 & 2 (and the existance of an FAQ) on BGG as I couldn't see the answers on there