Computer version on Kickstarter

There is a computer version of Fate of the Elder Gods being developed by Campfire Games on Kickstarter. Thought people here should be made aware of its existence.

Dang, that looks cool. I won't be able to back it, and I'm a little sad it's not a digital board game, but I might check it out if/when it comes to Steam.

Looks cool in concept, but the campaign, their website, and the app store pages for all their games are full of grammatical errors and just generally poor design and writing choices.  Not confidence-boosting for a writing-heavy product.

I have to admit I'm really disappointed by this one. :(

Fate of the Elder Gods was one of those games where, I can't buy a physical copy because I have nobody offline to play it with and as a competitive game it doesn't lend to being played solo.

So I had been looking forward to getting a digital version of it I could play with an AI... only for it to now be some weird MMORPG that's nothing but an In Name Only sort of thing.

Again, :(

Any chance of getting a real digital adaptation of the game someday, or is this just it?