email broken?

Is anyone else having issues sending mail to the email address?

I tried to send an email to support about a missing card in my DE set but the email is bouncing as undeliverable/address not found.

That’s unusual. I successfully contacted the company using that EMail address back in January.

If that EMail address continues to not work, I’d recommend sending a private message to @bailey on this forum. Xe is the person who answers the address anyway.

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As a tech support guy, I would ask you to share a screenshot of the entire bounceback message, or copy-paste it here.


Thanks MindWanderer here’s the bounce message.

Yeah, I sent a test message to the contact address yesterday and have not received an error, so there must be something else going on. :frowning: Looks like you used the right address, though. :confused:


I’ve tried sending again today and it didn’t bounce this time.

Must have been a temporary issue somewhere that has been fixed.

Thanks everyone for your help.


Looks like y’all found out! It was unexpectedly down for a bit, but we should be back up and running again. Let me know if anyone experiences any other issues with other emails, just in case! :smiling_face: