Crashing and scoring

Now, I've read that the order of operations is incorrect in the rule book, and that you score prisms before resolving  crashes, but that resulted ina question in today's game. A player using cosmonauts power tried to jump through a laser piece using his ability and didn't fully pass through the line (only the point was on the other laser) with a prism on the other side. Since he didn't crash the turn he used his power yet didn't pass the laser fully, we ruled he'd crash next turn. The problem was, there was debate on weather he'd be aloud to score the prism since his point of crashing was before he'd reach the prism.

So here's the short of it:  can you crash into a laser to score a prism on the other side of it?

If you check for scoring before crashing then it would score, then crash.

You can always house rule that scoribg and crashing happen by the direction of travel.


I personally thought the crash before scoring rule happened because scoring first meant you could push a captured prism onto another player's most recenf track, therby capturing and locking it in one move.

This happened in a playtest when I was able to push a prism we were racing to past their tip so they couldn't capture it from me before crashing from the head to head collision.