Crazy Old Ra's All-You-Can-Eat Roast Calamari Buffet!

Okay I admit it, that title is a complete clickbait lie; I’m sure we’ve all barbecued a Kraken or two during our visits to the Ruins of Atlantis, so there’s not much I can add. But it seemed appropriate to toss my one-liner joke while enroute to another bit. In an otherwise disastrously gone-wrong Vengeance game, where Naturalist was left alive at 1 HP and about to die to a bunch of Proletariat clones, along with the entire Slaughterhouse Six and a very well-fed Bugbear, I got a momentary reprieve when Entry Point came out. Usually this card would just make me even more dead, but instead it made the 9-HP Comrade There-Are-Seven-Of-Me realize that it was past his bedtime. I think his expression in this screenshot really says it all.