Crisis on Infinite Furths

A short thing to fill in the time between other stuff.


"Thanks fur your help, meow!" Excatriette chirped, rubbing against her human counterpart's leg. "We weren't sure about this at first, but it's good to know we have some friends over there in that universe! Even if they are, uh... what do they call you again?"

"Humans," Expatriette replied dryly. She looked over at the rest of Dark Watch, all looking... rather nonplussed. 

"Things were really ruff for a while though, right?" Setterback smiled in the way only an Irish setter can. 

"Now'ssssss not the time for jokesssssss," Hisster Fixer spat, clearly as irritated as the human version was. "Your way home isssss clossssssing fassssssst."

"Our reckoning puts it at an hour," Nightmist clarified. "And, contrary to your sentiments, I had... fun. More fun than our usual cases of this sort."

"I can imagine," her avian counterpart nodded in between preening chunks of zombie chipmunk from her feathers. "So you say your Gloombeaver is a giant one of you?"

"Gloomweaver," Mr. Fixer growled. "His name is Gloomweaver, Kitemist. We're going home."

"Aw, lay off 'em!" Setback protested, scratching Setterback behind the ear. "They're cute!"

"Ooh, oh yeah," Setterback murmured. "Had an itch there for a week." He began kicking the air. 

"Okay, this has gotten way too weird," Expatriette protested. "Everyone in the portal. We'll do this teamup again..." She sighed. "...Bark Watch."

"No problem, uh... Dark Watch!" Excatriette replied. As Nightmist stepped into the portal, she heard the feline muttering to her teammates that "Dark Watch" was a silly name. 

The mists receded, and the portal closed.

Back home in their Rook City, the team sighed as one. Setback wiggled an eyebrow at Expatriette.

"Good to know that if you ever got turned into a cat, you'd still be cute," he grinned. This earned him an elbow to the ribs. 

Good lord. XD

Of course Setback would be a big goofy dog. 

In my head, I was thinking more… boxer than Irish setter, but the pun didn't work.

in my head, I would picture a big dumb golden retriever for Setback, but again, pun…