Critical Roll

I have had an idea for a little while now and with the new resources from the merger it might work. I figured I would bring it up here and if the community really likes it someone who has been in the same room as the GTG staff could mention it to them.

GTG should sponsor Critical Roll pod cast to play a Sentinels RPG one shot.

For those who do not know Critical Roll is a podcast / YouTube channel where pro voice actors play D&D and other RPGs.
Most of the regular cast and some guest stars were casting picks for Sentinels characters when Christopher and Adam did voice casting for Sentinels.
The Critical Roll cast are in art in the RPG main book attending the concert in the Battle of the Bands adventure (page 256)

Secondary reason this would be the perfect reason for them to invite Colleen Clinkenbeard to Critical Roll.
Colleen was also a voice pick by Christopher and Adam.
She has ties to the superhero genre from acting and directing My Hero Academia
She used to be roommates with Laura Bailey and is part of the “How did Laura meet Travis” story


Very yes from me.

They seem to finally be back to in-person, one-table play, which means going back to the occasional one-shot may also be possible.

And even if it’s not, Exandria Unlimited worked out, right?

Just tell them to also record the character creation, because character creation is so much fun. :smiley: