Dahan Insurrection Clarification

Hi there.

So, I just finished a game with the Dahan Insurrection Scenario and found a point that needed clarifying.

The aforementioned Scenario reads in part . . .

Military Response: Whenever a City is destroyed, add 1 Town to the nearest land with Dahan. Whenever a Town is destroyed, add 1 Explorer to the nearest land with Dahan.

Does “the nearest land with Dahan” count the land where the building was destroyed?


  • Land A contains 1 Town and 1 Dahan. Land B contains 1 Dahan and is the nearest land containing Dahan in relation to Land A, other than Land A. The Town in Land A is destroyed.

Is the Explorer added to Land A or Land B?

According to the app, they get added to Land A in this example.

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Thanks, Godai!

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