Dark Gifts Poll

Hello, fellow cultists.

Below is a form-poll that I have crafted so that we can vote on which Elder Gods’ Dark Gifts are the most useful and powerful.

Your Email will not be collected, but you will have to sign into Google to ensure no spamming.

I’ll post the results on the 18th.

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Results: 1 entry (mine)

Sadly, I have yet to play the game. :C

I’m very interested in the results of this poll… I can’t enter though as I would be VERY biased. :slight_smile:

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Sadly, I remain the only person to have filled out the poll. It is quite disheartening that this game that I enjoy quite a bit gets so little attention. : (

But now I’m curious as to why you would be biased, more so than any other subjective human.

His name might be in the credits… :wink:

I’d really love to play this game, but buying and playing games is hard. :C

Rabit, I figured @Darrell was Darrell Louder, but I don’t see how him being the game’s designer makes him biased.

Because I have favorites, ones I designed or worked on more than the other designers- so I would potentially sway the poll a bit. With that said, let me share this on my social media groups and see if you can get some more responses. I may want to see these as well… for reasons. :wink:


Ah, that’s why.

Go for it!

I can PM you a link to the Form’s results page, if you want.

Should I be excited for possible future content for FotEG?

Cosigning the “playing” part of this. I own a copy, but between having the kid and then the pandemic, I think I’ve only actually managed to play something like 4 times. Not enough to actually have an opinion on the various merits of the Dark Gifts.