Dark Sunset

Dark Sunset
A Citizens of the Sun fanfiction by SirMetaKnight

Act I

Earth-174. A normal universe, following the general lines of Earth-1. Until a shot rang out. The leader of the Citizens of the Sun’s heart stopped. Another shot. This time Citizen Summer was killed. The citizens ran. More fell.

Their remaining numbers were scattered. Leaderless. Until the sky over Insula Primalis erupted in light. Citizen Hammer stepped forward. “Citizens! You have lost guidance. You need a leader! So I, Dawn’s chosen, will be Master of a new Citizens of the Sun!”, He yelled, to all hearing. “But, sir!”, Said a brave Citizen Hack, “Why you? It could be anyone!” Citizen Anvil stepped forward. And with one powerful strike of his hammer, broke Citizen Hack’s skull. His eyes burning, Citizen Hammer shouted “Does anyone else wish to contest my leadership?!” And Insula Primalis became silent.

The heroes thought they had seen the last of the Citizens of the Sun. So when they saw The Visionary being captured by Citizen Winter… Well, it was quite a shock. It was well known that Expatriate had killed her own mother. So what was Citizen Winter doing? The Prime Wardens even asked the now-imprisoned Expatriette for her knowledge. Nothing. The heroes were stumped. Then the man in the cloak appeared.

At a bar in Rook City, where Wraith, Nightmist, and Mr. Fixer were talking about the return of Winter over cheap wine, he entered. With a fedora over his shadowy face and his black cloak waving in the wind, he seemed straight out of a western. He sat down next to the heroes, and with a deep voice, said “You’re chasin’ a ghost. Try checkin’ its bones.” Before The Wraith could ask him any number of questions-Who he was, what he meant, how he knew to go here-The cloaked man simply vanished, his cloak floating down. Everyone just stood in shock. Except Mr. Fixer. “So,” he said, calmly setting down his drink and looking at Nightmist, “What was that about?”

Back at Freedom Tower, the heroes were confused. Omnitron-X’s scanners resulted in no matches for the cloak. Nightmist didn’t notice any arcane powers. There were no matches. Every hero HQ was involved in this double mystery. And no clues were found. Then every hero finally got the answers they needed… Through their head.

“Everyone!” Said the voice of a panicked Visionary, “I need your help! There are new Citizens. Hammer’s the leader. We’re on Insula Primalis. Come here! Quick! Oh no. They’re coming. Goodbye!” The call abruptly ended there. Omnitron-X managed to transcribe his call. The heroes listened… And prepared for a journey to Insula Primalis. But the man in the cloak wasn’t done yet.

On the day of the journey, the news broadcast… Stopped. And was replaced with the cloaked man. “Heroes.” He said, scowling. “You are most ill prepared. I’d recommend stoppin’. I know bout her, but you don’t know nothin’ bout the new Dawn. You’d best think things out.” Most heroes ignored this message. And they journeyed to Insula Primalis.

It was a hot day in Insula Primalis. Mind you, Insula Primalis was always hot. But today was really hot. All this heat only put Citizen Hammer in a bad mood. Mind you, Citizen Hammer is always in a bad mood. But today he was in a really bad mood. “Where is he?” Hammer asked to the returning Citizen Winter. “Where is Citizen Slash?” Citizen Winter was nervous. Especially seeing as how Hammer’s enforcer, Citizen Anvil, was listening in. “I-er-I don’t know! He came with me, then just vanished!” Citizen Hammer just left. “You two!” Yelled Hammer, storming into his fortress, “Assault! Battery! Go to the mainland and search for Slash.” The two men scrambled for a boat. Annoyed at Slash’s incompetence, Hammer sulked on his throne. Then the man in the cloak appeared.

“Well, Hayden.” Scrambling up, his right arm ignited, Hammer asked “How do you now my name?!” “Well, then. Ain’t that a fine question?” Came the reply. “How don’t you know mine?” “W-What do you mean?” Asked Hammer. Then, the man in the cloak took his fedora off. And Hammer completely froze.

Citizen Anvil watched. Waited. All was normal. All except Slash. He still hadn’t returned. Citizen Anvil scowled. Where was he? Suddenly, Citizen Anvil saw a ship come in. And rang the alarm.

Act II

The heroes pulled up to the shore. Citizen Slash, when interrogated, told them everything. They still weren’t ready. First, some citizens came from the east. Their blasts were narrowly avoided. Ra’s blasts back were not. The heroes continued on. All of a sudden, an energy blast hit Lifeline head-on, cracking his armor. An ignited boulder almost hit The Idealist, but Legacy broke it.

Hammer was nervous. A few lone heroes were walking into the citadel. Hammer blasted the first one that came in. Nothing happened. “You’re made of metal! BURN!” He yelled at the unharmed robot. “YOU WILL FIND YOUR {BLASTS} INEFFECTIVE. MY {PLATING} IS A PERFECT DEFENSE.” All of a sudden, a bony claw attacked Omnitron-X. He turned to face Citizen Tears, which is when a massive blast of flame hit Omnitron-X. The burnt Citizen Tears lay shaking on the floor, while the robot’s system whirred loudly. “ERROR! £RR•R! £®®•®! OVERHEATINNNnnnggggg…” Angered, K.N.Y.F.E. and Tempest launched themselves at Citizen Hammer. Suddenly, K.N.Y.F.E’s armor froze up. As she struggled to remove it, an angry dinosaur began charging. Hammer got hit, and the triceratops stopped. Looking at it, the heroes could see mechanical parts. Suddenly, a hatch twisted open, and Unity stepped out.

Across the island, Wraith’s group was making their way to the citadel. Suddenly, Citizen Anvil stepped out from the dense foliage. Arcane blasts, swooping birds, stun bolts, and Pure Awesomeness. What? No! Well then, I guess I’ll just leave the story. No! sigh Fine. Arcane blasts, swooping birds, stun bolts, and Pure
Awesomeness barely scratched his shield. Stepping forward, Anvil took a swing at Harpy, who barely managed to dodge. However, Winter’s release of pure cold energy? Well, Harpy just froze solid. Throwing Knives flew in the direction of the blast, and Winter fell. Doctor Medico managed to heal up Harpy, but Lillian still couldn’t fight.

“Devra!”, Came the voice of an annoyed Tachyon, “You were supposed to stay in the lab!” Meanwhile, Unity just ignored her. “No… no… no!” She murmured sadly, trying to fix the broken robot. “It won’t work!” This response came on the brink of tears. “Graaaah!” Hammer was back up. And with a fury. A harsh, continuous heat burned on Paige Huntley’s skin, as her suit heated up. Tactless fire blasts charred the room. The rain Tempest summoned merely boiled. M’kk could only run. “Devra!” Tachyon yelled. “You have to run!” “No!” The Technopath responded. “There’s still time! I can save him!” “Devra, he’s gone! You can’t rebuild him!” “I have to! He’s my best friend!” “Devra, he’s dead! Omnitron-X is dead! You can’t do anything about it!” The speedster screamed, shoving Unity out. Collapsing the way to the door, she knew she had to face Citizen Hammer.

Absolute Zero was doing well. He wasn’t expecting to lead a giant warrior, a nature spirit, and an old mechanic through the Triassic era, but life was like that. So, as you may expect, citizens Assault and Battery completely surprised them. Akash’Thriya managed to ensnare them, but Battery broke out. It was a tough battle. In the end, Zero was down one spirit. Hammer was down two men.

Expatriette walked alone. She worked better like that, anyway. No team. She even managed to snipe out some citizens in a tree. When all of a sudden, she saw an empty clearing. And in it, the man in the cloak. Drawing her twin pistols, she asked “Who the H@#$ are you? Where the H@#$ am I?” “Who are you? Well, I never got to know.” “What the F+&$: are you talking about?!” Then, the man showed his face. Amanda gasped. Stepped back.

Great job liked the Rambler reference.

There isn’t a rambler reference…

I think the “reference” that @cuivre_composer is referring to is this bit:

Now that that shadowy figure’s been confimred to not be Rambler, my guess is on Chrono-Ranger, judging by the accent and “western-ness.”

I thought fedora cloak shadowy teleporting although on later thought perhaps writhe. I missed the western bit.

Ooh, good guess! I hadn’t thought of that. Writhe does make sense, as his attire is more accurately described as “fedora + cloak” than Chrono-Ranger’s, who really wears more of a stetson and a duster.

I’ll give a tip: It’s not a character with a deck.