DE Card Storage

This has been discussed a few different times, I think. That said, I’m trying to find options for just the character cards in Definitive Edition. The game boxes are fine for the decks, dividers, and tokens. I’m just looking for something to store the character cards and variants, and the villains and events. Unfortunately, with the non-standard sizes of those two card types, most resources wouldn’t work.

I’m thinking, honestly, of getting a recipe card binder. That said, has anyone had any particular products or types of things that work for them? Like I said, just looking for a place to organize the character and variant cards (70x120mm), as well as the villain and event cards (88x130mm).

Speaking off the top of my head, have not done measurements, and this is strictly an idea in regards to Hero Character Cards.

I think it will have to be a new layout of an insert for your storage big box of choice. Let me see if I can ASCII Art this thing up.

|| |
| |
|| |
edit forum freaked out at my attempt at ascii.
Insert screen cap here:

Essentially, 4 horizontal spaces, for standard 40 card hero decks, and right next to it a vertical space big enough to hold the Character Cards/Variants for just those 4 heroes. Repeat pattern for as deep as your box/drawer is, and then repeat again until you hit all available heroes. Could be only 3 heroes, could be 5, I haven’t done any measurements for this. I also have no clue of what storage box/system would be suitable for this wider layout.

So I guess this is a bit of a necro, but I’ll answer because this was something I had a tough-ish time trying to figure out what I wanted to do.

For the hero cards I bought a card binder - specifically the Monster Grimoire made by Ghostfire Gaming. It has double-sided pages and fits the hero cards nicely as long as they are not sleeved. It works for now, although I suspect I may run out of room by the time they get to the end of DE.

For the villain cards I made an organizer out of foamcore, re-arranged one of the gameboxes, and stuck it in there. Someone else on here did something similar and I shamelessly copied their approach.

I’ll try to take pictures tonight or tomorrow and upload on here in case you (or anyone else in the future) is curious.


Okay, so it took me an extra day, but here’s some pictures of my setup.


I finally found a way to print this insert for my second box, which should allow me to stay at two boxes when we get Disparation. :grin:

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And it finally arrived! :smiley: I’ll shift things around a little to accommodate the villain character cards when Disparation arrives, but this is going to work out great! :grin:

(Wish there were good non-plastic options available, but this’ll do for now. :confused:)