[DE] Difficulty Level of Critical Events Relative to Their Villain's Standard Difficulty

Heyo, all. So, as you know, Critical Events replace the Villain Character Card with an alternate, variant one. Unlike regular Events, which only add a single rule—and thus unequivocally make the Villain more difficult—this presents the possibility for Critical Events to have equal, greater, or lesser difficulty than the standard Villain. I also know that, in practice, they’re intended to make the games tougher. So here’s my question to those of you who have more experience than me with Critical Events: which ones make the game harder, which easer, and which roughly the same difficulty? And if anyone’s feeling particularly ambitious—do you think you could estimate the difficulty numbers of some of them?

Many thanks.

sorry, don’t have DE

I have not played through all the CEs. I will say the Bear is easier than the normal organization. Terrorform Mark III is an increased in difficulty to me but not by much. Kismet feels a bit harder but in general her difficulty can vary. Mad Bomber Blade very much depends on the environment as ones that have regular shuffles increase his difficulty.


I’m not brave enough to give difficulty ratings, but I’ll give my personal experiences playing with no advanced rules:
Italics are ones that I haven’t had a significant number of plays with

Vainglorious Ambuscade: Comparable difficulty
Blood Leashed Apex: Significantly harder
Akash’Mecha: Significantly harder
Mad Bomber Baron Blade: Swingy, generally a bit tougher than base
Sunrise Citizen Dawn: Significantly harder, my pick for hardest fight in DE
War-Girded Dagda & Morrigan: have not played yet
Soultaker Gloomweaver: Slightly easier
Censor: Much easier
Empowered Kismet: Slightly harder
Mocktriarch: Comparable
Cosmic Omnitron: Significantly harder
The Bear: Significantly easier
Doctor Toxica: Slightly easier
Abomination Spite: Harder
Terrorform Mark III: Harder


It’s much easier to compare my thoughts to a list than make the list itself, so I will say that I agree with most of these, well done churro!

This one would be my only strong contention. With a randomized team, Mocktriach seems to be easier, in my experiences.

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Having played them all through once, I’m in agreement with Churro’s ratings.

I’d say the War-Girded Fey Court are much easier than the base version. No weighing the benefits of what minions to keep for tokens, just kill 'em all. And once you deal with the setup wave, they usually just play 1 weak minion a turn for the rest of the game. There’s also not much reason to mess with the bonds if you’re not playing on Advanced.

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The mocktriarch is much easier than the matriarch just irreducible damage the mask then kill the fowl with aoe and hit the matriarch with all else. It is easier than the matriarch without the two collection limit with the 2 collection limit you use Terrorform’s to instantly kill the mask+ all foul cards in play and any other collection just as a bonus and the fight is a cake walk.

I guess that’s true, and you’re right about irreducible damage making it easier. I generally was giving my thoughts without counterpicking strategies in mind, in which case I think the Mocktriarch is probably easier, but not by quite as much if you don’t have consistent access to irreducible or AoE.

Even without counter picking I have found it easier. Once the mask is dead the mocktriarch follows without much resistance as long as you don’t get very unlucky.