DE Disparation: Guessing time! (Ha ha, time travel pun)

Alright, start your guessing engines.

How many hero decks will there be? 6.
How many villain decks? 9.
How many environments? 5.

Not focusing on side decks, critical events, variants, whatever (although go nuts in the comments if you want), but let’s start guessing about who the 6/9/5 turn out to be!

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Likely we get another new Hero and around three new Villains, following DE’s pattern of them being new standalone nemeses for OblivAeon heroes. We’ve already had Harpy and Thriya, so that leaves Luminary, who I think won’t share the spotlight with anyone else, and Lifeline and Commodora. The latter is a virtual certainty, and I wouldn’t put it past C&A to give us a deck for Middle-Aged La Capitan which is a Sentinels nemesis, a deck for Young La Capitan (the previously VOTM version) who is a Commodora nemesis, AND eventually a VOTM-style deck for yet another timeline variant of Maria Helena. As for Lifeline, his most obvious nemesis would be Countess Bathory, even if moving her away from Fanatic is a bit strange; the real question, though, is whether Lifeline will be one of the five existing Heroes we’ll get. They’re out of official teams to give us, so this set will just be a grab-bag of heroes, and there aren’t enough with a time-travel or universe-hopping theme to fill the whole set; they might very well throw Deadline in as a villain and Lifeline as a hero, since they come from the Enclave and the Enclave has access to trans-universal realities even if it doesn’t facilitate moving between them very well.

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My guesses:

6 Heroes:
Visionary, Chrono Ranger, Parse (all known)
The Southwest Sentinels (to fight Capitan)
Omnitron-X (Time Travel)
Darkstrife and Painstake (essentially confirmed, as far as I’m concerned)

9 Villains:
Ennead, Apostate (known)
Iron Legacy, Dreamer, La Capitan, Miss Info, Wager Master
2 new unknowns

5 Environments
Tomb of Anubis (known)
Time Cataclysm, Silver Gulch, Final Wasteland


K.N.Y.F.E., as long as we’re getting visitors from other universes? I think it’s probably too early for Progeny, though.

I want there to be Fashion, but she shouldn’t show up any earlier than the Bloodsworn Colosseum and Sky- Scraper.

For environments, what about the Block and Enclave? Both kind of pocket dimensions, and there’s a lot of reality hopping going on.

Did they say Disparation would have a never-before-seen deck that’s impossible to anticipate, or was that in regard to later expansions?


Hero-wise, Visionary, Chrono, and Omni-X are all obvious. I don’t recall when they confirmed Parse, but I’ll take skywhale’s word for it. I’m about 50/50 between KNYFE (for The Block/FILTER connection) and The SW Sentinels (for La Cap nemesis and setting up Void Guard) for the last existing hero.

For a new hero, my guess would be Rambler, mainly since he’s been teased in the RCR rulebook. They’ve also been working on him longer compared to Darkstrife and Painstake. We could also get a prominent alt-universe hero (Heroic Luminary solo deck perhaps?).

1 new villain I think they might include is Death-Con (from Ep. 200). They said there were multiple iterations of Death-Con, with the strongest being Death-Con One, and the wording just screams villain + critical event to me. Plus it gives us a FILTER villain deck, just like how the Terrorform is a Revocorp villain deck.

Also, wow, 15 variants for the core game heroes coming in Disparation. A variant for everyone and then some. Though, it’s possible they could all be variants from the old game: Freedom 6 + (Normal or Xtreme) Prime Wardens + WWII Legacy and Bunker + Redeemer Fanatic + Horus Ra = 15.

Maybe you swap out the Prime Wardens for brand new variants. I’d like to see Arataki, Boldest Legacy, or Frostbite Absolute Zero, along with some complete unknowns.

I’m also hoping we see some new critical events for the core game villains; we have a huge library of alternate versions of them. Dawn alone could easily get a Citizen Dusk and a Citizen Storm critical event.

Why not? Dark Watch Setback showed up before regular Setback.


I guess I should clarify that I don’t expect Kaargra in this expansion, and therefore not Fashion yet. However, they have defied expectations before.

Frostbite and Joe Parsons VI, both from Writer’s Rooms in June 2022. I think Frostbite was named earlier when they first mentioned Vampire World. Boldest Legacy was definitely a surprise to everyone though.

What connection does Fashion have to Disparation? She’s a space character.

I don’t think Rambler would become a hero deck, as they’ve outright said he’s not a hero, per se. I would expect to see him in an environment deck, at least, though I suppose it’s a safe bet that image we saw of him in the RCR book means he’s in Realm of Discord already?


Probably none. This is just me wishing ever since first hearing of her.

I do want to see Darkstrife & Painstake as well, but I’m not seeing a Disparation connection there. Not that everything has to be completely on-brand.

Also, I guess I missed the part where Apostate and Tomb of Anubis (and the Ennead?) were confirmed. Can someone point me to a Letters Page episode where those happened?

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It wasn’t confirmed in an Episode (I don’t think), it was confirmed when Adam did a livestream of art for “the next expansion”, where he did art for Anubis and Apostate, and showed art of Tefnut (Ennead).

As for Darkstrife and Painstake, Christopher said somewhere (I believe a con of some kind) that, “one of the new heroes is actually two”, or something similar. They are also just as connected to Disparation as the Ennead and Apostate are (barely, if at all - mostly just different dimension stuff).

I think Southwest Sentinels are the most up in the air of my guesses, but I’m fairly certain they’ll be there.


I wish we knew the theme of future expansions so we could more easily box decks in. Gotta figure there’s a space one (K.N.Y.F.E. could be there instead) and probably a “bizarre” one (Tome or Arcane Tales, which covers a lot!).

Six hero decks is so limiting, especially since we know three already and are nearly guaranteed to have a new deck introduced.

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My guess are the box themes left are Vengeance, then Space, and then OblivAeon.

I also personally expect KNYFE to be in the Vengeance one, as well as the Block and greater FILTER presence.

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I don’t know the box themes for certain after Disparation but yeah I’m expecting at this point a space and vengeance box before OblivAeon. Not sure the order though beyond the redone OblivAeon box being last.

In that case, is it confirmed that the next expansion is Disparation, rather than an Infernal Relics equivalent? The latter would certainly be where you’d expect to find Darkstryfe and Painstake…

By the way, it wouldn’t make sense to do an entire deck for The Graey (it would basically be just fifteen blank cards, or something akin to EE Megalopolis but with three full sets of Hostages, Paparazzi, and Traffic Jams; in neither case would it be any fun whatsoever). But I do think some location along the lines of Diamond Manor or Anubis’s Tomb could have a “Portal to The Graey” card, so we could at least introduce the concept to alpha canon.

Okay, dusting off my old predictions.

I had originally guessed Visionary, Omnitron-X, Chrono-Ranger, Parse, Naturalist, New Hero as the six, based on some other slotting. I’m going to revise that set to:

  • Visionary, Omnitron-X, Chrono-Ranger, Parse, KNYFE, Darkstryfe/Painstake
    I think we’re going to see Disparation include alternate realities, and also alternate realms, hence the Aeternus heroes.

For villains, I’m sticking with my original guesses and speculating on the three new ones:

  • The Dreamer, La Capitan, Miss Information, Iron Legacy, The Ennead, Apostate, Lord of Aeternus, KNYFE Villain: Death-Con, Parse Villain: ???

I think we’re still getting La Capitan before her nemeses, just like we did in the previous edition.

For environments:

  • Tomb of Anubis, Time Cataclysm, Silver Gulch, Final Wasteland, Realm of Aeternus

For fifteen hero variants: The Freedom Six, the X-Treme Prime Wardens, and four new variants we haven’t heard of (although Redeemer Fanatic and Horus Ra are also strong bets.)

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Yes. It is on the back of the RCR rulebook, which we saw in a Kickstarter Update.

Oh, and Miss Info should be a Parse villain. At the very least, a CE should be.

Miss Info should really be a FF villain, and not just in Vengeance; Parse’s nemesis should be specifically Cosmotron, separate from regular Omnitron and 4 and OX. The relationship between Parse and Missy is more like an artifact of the EE’s structure, like the fact that Citizen Dawn’s deck has no connection to Insula Primalis’s deck despite her being headquartered there in lore, or the fact that Visionary has an entirely disadvantageous nemesis relationship with Dreamer regardless of whether she’s Dark or not. Harpy and Fey Court has shown us that the old status quo with regard to Nemesism is something they’re not afraid to change.

Did Parse ever interact with Cosmitron? I do think that standard Miss Info should be a nemesis to the FF, and Vengeance Miss Info should be a nemesis to Parse.

I mean, just look at this:

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Open to being corrected, but I believe that Parse was created by the remains of Cosmitron, but never interacted with it pre-destruction.

My memory is that Parse is the original Miss Info’s Nemesis because she was the one who uncovered that Aminia Twain was Miss Information, whereas the Vengeance Miss Information was back to her rage at the Freedom Five. It’s a sort of non-linear nemesis issue; Miss Information hated the Freedom Five most, but they didn’t have any advantages against her so they don’t get Nemesis icons, whereas she and Parse were actually matched enemies.