DE Omnitron feels kind of grindy

My gf and I have been playing a fair bit of DE together and the one villain in the core box we consistently have a hard time having fun against is Omnitron. We’ve never had any troubles grinding out a win, but the way it just flips and runs down the big line of effects every turn without much variety feels like kind of a grind that we have a hard time getting the same type of enjoyment out of.

Are we missing something or is it just a play style that isn’t to our personal taste? I’m fine with it being the latter, but if it’s the former I just don’t wanna keep missing out

I think it’s very likely to be in large part the latter, but it can also depend on the game. Have you been playing against him with heroes that you choose, or randomly selected teams? Random selection can definitely mix it up.

My gf and I mostly just randomly go for whichever heroes feel like the vibe in the moment we’re playing. We enjoy exploring the variety of what’s available. So not fully randomized, but subjectively randomized heroes if that makes sense

To me, what you’re describing is exactly in line with the thematic intent of Omnitron: you’re fighting a robot and its invasive programming! Personally, I approach an Omnitron battle as an exercise in evading or exploiting its programming. When do I destroy its ongoing cards, to avoid their worst effects? When do I leave them out, because I can live with them? I try to get into the theme.

To change things up, you can always try Omnitron’s Critical Event, for a character card that behaves differently. We didn’t find it too different in difficulty. Of course, it’s the same deck.

But, in the end, it might just be your preference. There are a lot of villains with a lot of variety. Personally, I don’t like fighting The Matriarch much: even though she is improved from Enhanced Edition, she is still meant to swarm you with ping damage. And…she swarms you with ping damage. So we just don’t play her that much compared to the villains that have more variety and activity within their own decks, like Dawn or Voss.


Yeah, the more I hear from talking to people who enjoy it, I think it really is just a matter of personal taste rather than us missing anything about the fight, and that includes the thematics. Like for example, I actually do rather enjoy The Matriarch and the feeling of the ebb and flow of this massive flock of birds getting pushed back and then coming back in. No one thing is for everyone and that’s part of what’s so great about the massive variety in this game


Not the first grindy fight in Sentinels!

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