I don’t know where to look at the big list o’ comics so I guess I’ll just ask here.

What year/month did Deadline’s big story happen? I know it was pretty late in the multiverse era and I think just after Vengeance, but the dates moved around and I’m not sure when that ended up after the post-it wall.

Also, did Deadline have any notable returns after his first story? I can’t remember if he tried again or just had the one attack on Earth.

Per episode 81

December ’12: FF #752, Deadline event begins, major crossover.

Then the next time Deadline is mentioned is him becoming Lifeline

January ’15: TotB vol. 4 #62, Trickster Kismet (tied into the DC limited). DW* vol. 2 #1 relaunch. VotV vol. 3 #50, flashback with Naturalist and Deadline which sets up…
February ’15: Cosmic Redemption one-shot that sets up Lifeline and what’s going on with the Enclave moving forward.

So it was only one major attack that we know of.

If I look up first appearances regarding Deadline using WalkingTarget’s discord bot it gives this info:

So we have Deadline appearing over two years before the actual Deadline event? That doesn’t seem right.

It would indicate to me that we have smaller plots involving them before the big one.