Deck Building -- tie for zero?

Just played a five-way game of DB:The DB game and it ended in a five-way tie at zero points. Someone who felt they were behind intentionally ended the game when no one could score.


Is this legal? Have I missed a rule somewhere in which the game only ends if the player who has no cards also has a valid deck?

I'm guessing he ended the game by emptying a pile?   If they did so by building a deck I don't know how it resulted in zero points.  

Perhaps I didn't look at the rules carefully enough. I thought you could end the game by simply having no cards. If you also have to have a scorable-deck, that solves the problem right there.

I could be wrong as I don't have the rules in front of me but I suppose it could be possible to end the game without having a scorable deck.   However, it seems odd that they would rush like that and not have a scorable deck.  

If a draw is better than losing, it's a rational decision =)

So whenever the other player runs out of cards to play the rest of the round would still be played out (if this person was first everyone else at the tbsle still gets one turn).  So if you've still got a turn in that round I'd hope you have enough to finish a scoring deck since I imagine you might keep a closer check on what remains in his deck.  

I get in some games but this one is silly and short enough that forcing a draw seems cheap.  

I'd rather see a short, silly game end in a forced draw than a long, drawn-out one.

But it doesn't take much time to build a scorable deck and end it.  I would house rule that the person forfeits and everyone can continue in a 3+ player game.