Decks — Chosen or Randomised? [Poll]

When you play a game of Sentinels of the Multiverse (any edition), how do you most often determine which decks you will play with? Do you simply select the decks, or do you randomise it? Why? If the former, what criteria do you use to choose the decks?

Deck Selection Methods
  • Chosen
  • Random
  • Mix of both

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I mostly randomize, but if I’m feeling something in particular I’ll choose them. Randomization can sometimes leave you not playing a character for a while, so when I choose it’s mostly to get a chance to play them. Similarly, I usually randomize because it forces new and fun combinations.

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I mostly play all random to keep things fresh when playing with 1 or 2 players. Sometimes I’ll play a thematicly choosen team when playind solo. On the occasions where I play with 3 or more people we usually pick our heroes.

Usually I have one deck in mind I want to play and then randomly choose from there.

I basically play every deck of a type equally often, keeping track of who I played last so that I gradually cycle through the whole set. There’s a bit of an exception for the weeklies though.

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The only decks I choose are the ones I don’t have a randomizer for (SOEP and Cauldron).

I’ve played each character so many times, it’s too easy to know who’s a hard counter for a given scenario. Plus, when I think “who would I like to play this time?” the answer is usually “eh, whatever”.

You should be able to deactivate most if not all of the core game + expansion decks to leave just mod content to randomize if I’m not mistaken.

As for me, I’ve been almost exclusively clicking random since including the Cauldron mod to get a mix of old and new content. I wish there were some team villains in a mod, though. I like to mix up to game mode depending how I’m feeling/how long I want to play (hours in the case of OblivAeon).