Diamond Derailed

I started talking about the context for this over in the rpg section since I came up with most of this in the context of character creation, and you can see that here:

That being said, as I’ve been exploring the forum a bit more and found this section, I realized this is where the topic really belongs based on the angle I’ve been diving into it. That being said, this is where I’ll start diving into the other member of Disparation Squad I currently have any strong sense of: NotMist.

The gate used up every NightMist in the multiverse, including the ones that weren’t Faye Diamond, and that expenditure was enough to also access realities without a NightMisy. However, it left the Faye Diamonds who weren’t NightMist untouched. All but one.

In the Locomotiverse, the Diamond family has never had any involvement with the paranormal, but they have been in the PI business for the past few generations. When Tony Taurus left the Rook City Police Department to become a PI, Faye took him under her wing. When he became Trainwreck, she felt personally responsible and helped Heartshield gather information about him and bring him down. This is more or less the extent of what we see of her before OblivAeon.

When the gate opens, Faye Diamond feels drawn to it in a way she can’t explain. In the brief moment that she steps through the gate that is an alternate version of her self, she briefly experiences that moment through the eyes of every Faye Diamond in the multiverse, whether or not they are a NightMist. Some are NightMists, some have other power sets, some like her are unpowered. She experiences it all, and she steps into a world fighting for the survival of the multiverse. She does her best to stay out of the way of the heroes and survive herself.

As the world rebuilds following the defeat of OblivAeon, support groups emerge for people like herself who are cut off from their homes. As she goes to these meetings, she finds that she recognizes many of the people that she meets there, not just as counterparts of heroes from her own reality, but like she has personal histories with these versions of the heroes. She also occasionally finds herself able to use the abilities of her multiversal counterparts, though with little control over the specific powerset she accesses. One early such occasion is a teamup with Guise at the farmer’s market vs the Green Grosser where Guise makes a quip about her basically being NotMist, a moniker that ends up sticking, much to her chagrin. In time, a team with a rotating of heroes from other realities forms up around NotMist and Heartshield in a book called Disparation Squad.


NotMist? That’s hilarious; there should definitely be a Disparation of that.

Did you explain somewhere who Heartshield is? Obviously Trainwreck is an alternate Heartbreaker, and I love that name for him (it rather sounds more fitting than the real one), but the only other character who obviously connects with him is Dr. Tremata. So is Heartshield a superheroic Dr. Tremata who stopped Trainwreck from murdering her?


NewbSombrero explains who Heartshield is in this post.

And if you don't want to read all that, Heartshield is . . .

Maia Montgomery.

Yeah, so I explain Heartshield in the post linked at the top of this op that fjur also linked, and as part of that, I also flesh out a few details of the Locomotiverse, which is where both Heartshield and NotMist are from

I mean, Disparation is adjacent to her concept. I came up with her for Disparation Squad, a team book for Disparation fans in the sandwich bag. She got “her” powers from going through a gate that was literally her counterpart from a different reality and experienced the lives of every version of herself in the multiverse. Then Disparation Squad is all heroes from other realities who came to help with the OblivAeon fight and then got stuck in the SCU when the gate closed