Discard Piles Clarification

Are the Cards in the (Spell/Curse) Discard Piles face-up, or face-down?

I looked through the rulebook, but I couldn't find anything on this. I might have just missed it. If there is no official ruling, does anyone have a suggestion? Or should I just use the traditional face-up option?

I hope the facts that this sub-forum only has nine other topics and hasn't been posted in since 2019 do not mean that this question will go unanswered. This is a great game and it is a shame how little love it gets. I wonder why. . .

I didn't realize that was missing from the rulebook until I went checking just now. I've always played with them face-up.


Lots of great games end up flying under the radar, unfortunately. There are so many games coming out each year.

I’m surprised it’s not there, discard is face-up though.

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Thanks, Darrell!