Discussion for OblivAeon Fireside Chats

Have fun!

All right, time to be disappointed and/or confused! :B

> If Blade Battalion Commander is in play, and Battalion Command Center reveals a non-Minion target with 5 or less max HP, it is put into play. It has the Minion keyword because of the Commander.

So revealed cards are considered in play? That's a new one. Can't think of too many spots where this interaction would happen otherwise, though, so maybe it's fine as-is.

Ah, so you don't have to deal the damage with Combat Timing. Fair.

Good clarification about Luminary getting Devices out of his trash.

> Suppose Guise has access to both Applied Numerology and

No phrase has ever spelled more doom.

> Slumbering Serpent reacts to itself (a spirit) entering play.

Interesting. This seems to conflict with the behavior of The Foundry from Fort Adamant, clarified above.

> Deadline's Calculated Orogenesis plays the top card of the environment deck, then has "that environment card" deal damage. If it plays a Primordial Seed, it's not an environment card, so the damage fizzles.

Oh, that's cool! I think I've seen this in action, too. :D

> If Completionist Guise replaces his own character card using his power, then he has another power

Oh man! This is way nicer than I've been playing him! :D

> Completionist Guise can target an incapacitated hero with his power. If he does so, the incoming variant enters the game incapacitated.

This is also a pleasant surprise!

> If Completionist Guise is incapacitated and has character cards from The Sentinels under him, he only removes one of them to allow the Sentinels to take a full turn.

I feel like this is another ruling worth noting. Granted, it's hard to get them all under there, I'm sure, but still, four possible turns! Also, the answers are getting more and more hilarious here. :D

> If Completionist Guise replaces the Representative of Earth, their HP gets set to 10, regardless of what the HP of the previous Representative of Earth was.

Boy, that's useful!

> When an environment is removed from the game, any hero cards in that environment’s trash go to their hero’s trash.

I take it the same does not apply for hero cards in the environment deck, then. :B

> Temporary effects created by a hero (e.g. Galvanize) follow them when switching Battle Zones.

I'm still of the "Stun Bolt stays" mind, but phrasing it this way at least makes the ruling make more sense.

> When fighting Voss, if a hero is incapacitated, during their turn they get to use an incapacitated ability twice (once during Before Start of Turn and once during the middle of their turn as normal)

Ohh, this is important! Wow. Can you use the same power twice, or are incapacitated powers affected by the same once-per-turn ruling as regular powers?

> Orchestrate the Void gets a token if you use an incapacitated ability on a previous hero to allow someone to do a thing.

This is very good to know, given how much I love that Objective and how hard it can be to get.

> Supersonic Response does no extra damage on Tachyon's first turn, since she hasn't had a "last turn."

I'm kind of mad about this one. XD

Oh, and I've misplayed the Lady Luck/Imbued Vitality interaction once before. Thanks so much for clarifying that, and everything else! :D Far less confusion and disappointment than I expected. Here's hoping we don't need any more of these, right? We totally have a full and firm grasp on how this game works now!

This has some precedence. Caspit’s Playground gives keywords to Ongoing cards not in play. Basically if you meet the criteria to add the keyword it applies whether it’s in play currently, in the deck, or in the trash.

Incapacitated abilities are not powers. Rules about powers do not apply to them.

Okay, I didn’t think so, there’s just never been an opportunity to use more than one incap ability per turn before so it was worth checking!

I mentioned this in the Discord, but I think it's bizarre that "Remove (a character card) from the game" means something different for Completionist Guise than it does for Setting Sun Ra.  Thematically there's some logic to it, but not semantically.

Not a big deal, but found a typo. In "After Scion Voss flips, if a hero has been incapacitated, their "before the start of turn" options are restricted. They cannot take on objectives, swap our or trade objectives, or regain rewards. They can shuffle the mission deck." -- "our" should be "out". 

Oh, gosh, I can’t believe I’ve been playing this wrong the whole time…