Divided Character with Divided Psyche

So I am creating a hero, Britannia, a regular person who transforms into a goddess by holding a trident. I see these as two distinct personalities but would each be aware of the others character, like riding along but unable to act, or would one black out and possibly vaguely be aware of what the alter ego did? I appreciate this is a detail I would need to iron out, but I am interested in your thoughts to what might work better in terms of being played, and how you may have handled such situations before.

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We have something similar in our game and for that player it’s purely a roleplaying thing (and they’ve specified that certain personalities use powers in different ways)

so “what might work better in terms of being played” would be both alters being at least constantly present — that way the player doesn’t have to maintain a separation of player/character knowledge.

if you’re actually using the Divided archetype, it gives you a variety of options to deal with how the alters relate to their powers and qualities. that said, @fougerec makes an important point that you don’t have to go through all that if you just want to rp the differences.

and for what it’s worth, you could pick the amnesia style first and through rp move to the co-fronting style, or vice versa. those kinds of shifts happen to real plural systems all the time.

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Thanks- that’s really good advice.