Divided Characters

Hi. I am building a Divided character (Divided Psyche) with two distinct personalities. Two things have come up.
A) Would you need to create two Health scores, as they have a different Red Qualities, powers and qualities?
B) I have chosen the Red Quality upgrade for the Retcon, but would that apply to one or both personalities? I have choose the latter but wasn’t sure if that’s correct.

A) the health section says to use “The maximum value of your Red status die” — I’ve always interpreted that to mean you would use the larger one and that contributes to your health for the whole character.

B) that’s, uh, hm. I’d do both (not as interesting for Naive or Nurturing, lol). otherwise it’s not applying to the whole character, is it?

Well I was reading that the maximum value of the die would be 12 for d12, 10 for d10 etc, otherwise I think it would say, use the maximum value of your highest Red status die. Since I have a Divided psyche character (powers only for the hero form, qualities only for the unpowered form), the bonuses to determine Health in each form are vastly different. So in the end I have 24/34 which seems to work, and reinforces the vulnerability of the unpowered form. Not sure how I split damage. I guess if the more powerful form takes more than 24 health damage, the weaker form would be unconscious if reverting back to that form.

I’d also agree that you should use the red status die from your personality with the higher size. Otherwise, as you are commenting, there’s oddness in what happens with the health switching between forms. The health value is meant to be a static max value not a changing one. Just like having Form Changer or Modular can alter die size depending upon the form you’re in and that doesn’t change a hero’s max health.

I assume you are talking about the red status die upgrade as the Retcon doesn’t allow for upgrading die size of powers or qualities. My view is that the red status die size upgrade would apply to both. Divided feels fairly limited as an archetype to me and giving that benefit seems appropriate to me.

Thanks for that. I think it is easier, as you have done, to think of the character as a whole, even though it’s divided. So one Health rating based on all of the available qualities and powers, and using the best Red status value, so in this case 34 Health. Then switching between forms isn’t a headache!

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