Do not X (explore,build,ravage)

JE rulebook added about 'action'

fear card in base and B&C 'invaders do not ravage(or build) there land' card is now should read 'do not ravage action' ?

Yes, for Fear cards like Tread Carefully, since it's taking place in a particular land, that's talking about the Ravage Action.

(However, for a Fear card like Immigration Slows, that's talking about the whole Build Card.)

Immigration Slows is talking is modifier to build action, i think skip the build step in level 2 and 3. (level 1 is only skip build action to lowest-numbered land matching the Invader Card on each board)

it is right?


card text is some confuse, but SPIRIT ISLAND is so amazing.

It usually doesn't make a difference, but levels 2 and 3 are talking about (in current terms) the Build Card, rather than the Build Step: if there's already more than one card in the Build slot, you would only skip the first one.


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‘if there’s already more than one card in the Build slot, you would only skip the first one.’

i can`t find this on rulebook. where can i find this?

if build card is wet(1st)+jungle(2nd) and immigration slows lv is 2.
I have in this example how the build happens in the build phase,
I wonder how the intruder card moves in the time pass.

i think at build step, wet build is skip. jungle build is normal.
then, at time pass…i don`t know

Well, it’s not in any rulebook. The Fear Card in question (Immigration Slows) affects the “next normal Build.” So if there are two Builds happening this Turn, you only skip the next one.

I’m not sure if you’re talking about a Stage III Invader Card that has both Wetland and Jungle, or two Invader Cards (one Wetland and one Jungle) that are both on the some place on the Invader board.

If we’re talking about one Stage III Card, you’d skip Building in both Terrains, because it’s one Card, thus one Build. Then, that Card stays in the Build Space and the Explore Card joins it, so next Round you’ll build in Jungles, Wetlands, and whatever Terrain you Explored into last Turn!

If we’re talking about two Cards in one Space, you’d only Skip the first one (i.e. the one that got to that Invader Space first, so in your example, the Wetlands Card). Then, you’d advance the Card that you didn’t Skip, but keep the one that you did Skip in the Build Space, where it’s joined by this Round’s Explore Card, and next Round, those two Cards will both Build.

So, basically, yes if you’re talking about two seperate Cards, no if you’re talking about a single Stage III Card.

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