Doctor Omega: The One Who Would Be All

When brainstorming ideas for the Create-a-Villain contest, I became especially focused on the "alternate reality" aspect of the future (heh) expansion.  More to the point, what if some mad scientist (aren't those always fun?) who was bringing together multiple versions of himself from different realities in an attempt to conquer one.  Not out of greed or tyranny, but because he saw one of his alternate selves die during his experiments to bridge the realities, which pushed him over the brink of sanity.  Doctor Omega isn't evil, per se; just very, very driven to do what he thinks is necessary.  I like a little bit of tragedy in my villains while making them an undeniable threat.

The core idea when building Doctor Omega's deck was that most of his cards were either inventions or alternate versions of himself.  Omega is a brilliant man and overachiever no matter which reality you're referring to, with many of them chosing different vocations or having lived radically different lives.  I tried to keep his deck interesting and (somewhat) unpredictable without being overly complex.  I'm not a game designer by any stretch of the imagination, so I imagine his deck will need a lot of balancing; mind you, I was more focused on conveying the core ideas than balancing the game mechanics.

I'll be the first to admit that his flip mechanic is a mash-up of Citizen Dawn and Baron Blade, but to be perfectly honest, my life hasn't been a bed of roses these past months and it was the best I could come up with given external pressures, and serves mainly as a placeholder.  Also, the italicized lines in his history/background are really just placeholder notes I didn't have the time to flesh out properly, but I feel it conveys what I was going for despite not being high-quality work.



Doctor Omega.pdf (120 KB)

I'll admit to having a rough time with the wall of explanatory text at the beginning, but I love the idea of fighting multiple possible versions of a villain at once.

I LOVE this villain. Awesome idea. Lots of variety in the deck, cool theme, carried well.

The story is great, really.
Of all I've read so far, this gets my vote

A combination of two Doctors and Walter Bishop? Sign me up!

Nice design and the "army of many ones" really fits the theme of the set.