Does gaming really damage our health?

It is just one of those random thoughts that hit me from time to time. I was wondering what are the actual damages that games can cause to us. I've been looking it up and found out that it's not as bad as it seems to be. In some articles, they even mentioned how good it could be for us to play games (like the 5 good reasons why games are good for you on sheeparcade and also another article I found on ign but I could not find the link again later on sorryyyy). I am honestly just looking for reasons to convince my mom that it's all good and there is nothing to worry about XD.

Yeah, a strange coincidence you seem to mention the same websites as you did in your previous posts. But I don't think gaming damages the health any more than certain other things. I mean, you're not likely to fall over and break a leg like you would playing a physical sport (VR aside ;)), and it's great for various mental abilities - problem-solving, hand-eye co-ordination, etc. Plus all the teamwork and communication-related skills from playing multiplayer stuff. Well, unless your idea of "multiplayer" is running around shooting people in some kind of shooty game whilst yelling stuff about what you're doing to do to them and/or their mums and stuff... :P