Double crash?

Something that came up in a game last night that we couldn't find in the rule book. The situation is that Galactic Waverider and Super Sheriff have made parallel lines close to each other. Phantom Cosmonaught ended his turn near the path for Galatic Waverider at speed 3. Even going down to speed 2, there was no way of avoiding a crash, however, even that small of a path would have gone through both GW AND Super Sheriff's paths.


Does the crash only happen to GW's path, as it's the first to hit, or do you count all paths that it hits by the end of the turn? We played it that only the first path is the one that caused the crash.

They would both be affected by the crash.  There isn't directional timing in Lazer Ryders. (something, something, faster than the speed of light)

Extending this out to a logical conclusion, does that mean Lazer Deconstruction should not happen until all players have played (1 round around the table) after the initiation of a crash?

No, that's not what happens, but I feel like there's some other misunderstanding–can you explain more of your reasoning?