Editor’s Note #46

Two in a row can you believe it?

Upcoming schedule

  • Tuesday, June 1st: Same-Age-Day-Sode!
  • Tuesday, June 8th: Episode #178 - Creative Process: Sky-Scraper Supporting Cast
  • Tuesday, June 15th: Episode #179 - Writers’ Room: Disparation: Visionary’s origin timeline (before and after)
  • Tuesday, June 22nd: Editor’s Note #47 -OR- Bullpen #4. Hard to say which.
  • Tuesday, June 29th: Episode #180 - Creative Process: Grace and Owen Charles in the RPG era

“It’s a little bit more NSFW than we usually veer into.”
So they removed porn from Christopher’s mouth? :open_mouth:

Can’t wait to be the same age Adam and Christopher are and not a week away from turning 40 like I actually will be on the 1st. ;_; But hey, b-day episode for me, and it features best alien, thanks guys.

That Il Alimento theme drop, though. XD

Christopher needs to tell more fightin’ stories. :slight_smile:

For listener names, I dunno. I kinda like “Pages”, honestly. I would be a page. Then again, I think I used “brony” for so long that I am very much burnt out on fandom-based self-identifier labels. :B

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I’m of the opinion at this point that we don’t really need a name. Listeners is fine to me.


Happy preemptive birthday! :smiley:

But also be careful, 40 is when the bits of your body all decide they want to stop working on you, I found this out the hard way. X(

As for the episode: I’m of the opinion that I’m fine if we ever have a special fan name but none of the names suggested so far have done it for me, and that includes my own intentionally silly suggestion.

Christopher is way more blase than I am about competitive things. My take on losing is to beat myself up for not being good enough and that is a large contributor to why I seldom bother with competitive or even any multiplayer things in general. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was entertained by the portrayal of Tachyon as having an occasional habit of telling her students bad stand-up comedian jokes.

Also apparently we were all wrong, and Ryan’s not a white or a black guy, he’s a blue guy. Glad we cleared that up.

I’m already there. :C

He should form a group.

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Your 40th is on International Same Age Day, too? High five for old bros! Thinking of writing in my first letter with a song request. They still doing those? Started from the beginning of podcast in January, but I’m currently about a year behind.

All the references to titanium teeth makes me think we should be… The Letter People

Letter People - Mr. T - YouTube

A week after. :B

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Welp, guess I gotta go find a snake recipe.

I know it is More TakeWalker’s thing but you guys could make a YouTube video about eating the snake

I mean, Lord Wolfhunt also makes vids. This totally needs to happen now, lol.