Editor’s Note 50

Only three episodes this month and next due to holidays. Though I suspect we will get some short episode like we have in the past.

Upcoming Schedule:

  • Tuesday, December 7th: Episode #197 - Creative Process: Singular Entities
  • Tuesday, December 14th: Episode #198 - Creative Process: Villainous Holiday Plots
  • Tuesday, December 21st: Editor’s Note #51
  • Tuesday, December 28th: End of year break!

Recording Schedule:

  • Friday, December 3rd: Episode #197 - Creative Process: Singular Entities
  • Friday, December 10th: Episode #198 - Creative Process: Villainous Holiday Plots
  • Friday, December 17th: Editor’s Note #51
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They happen to a butt, huh? Well, guess I won’t worry about it…

Wow, lots of butt talk this episode.

For the recor, there is an official Homestarrunner Youtube channel, and if they don’t have all the videos up yet, it’s darn close.

So what Christopher is saying is that Voss didn’t go chasing waterfalls, but stuck to the rivers and lakes he was used to.

Okay, so what we need is a hero (worse, a villain) who can harness the power of these depression portals…

Loving Dr. B’s challenge here. :smiley:

Another radio play? That’s quite exciting. :smiley: Poor Trevor.

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More than that, they’ve uploaded cartoons a lot more recently than you’d think!

I do enjoy how Christopher and Adam seem to make a lot of the same niche references that I do. (Not that Strong Bad is very niche, at least not for our generation.)

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In my opinion, the big iconic Spite story shouldn’t be called “Abomination of Desolation”, but should instead be a two-part story where one part is called “Desolation” and the other is called “Abomination”. The full three-word title is awkward and not very comic-booky IMO; you want much more iconic branding on a comic book story, especially one that will be the defining version of a very impactful character.

While I’m fixing names, the confusion about the Egyptian underworld plane could be cleared up a bit by simply calling it Duat. But I’m going to go a little more metal with it, and refer to that plane as “the grave of Duat”. (For those who don’t get the joke, Duat itself is a realm of the dead, so referring to its grave is a “with strange aeons even Death may die” kind of effect.)

I like it. Makes sense, and makes clear just how messed up that sort of place would be.

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