Editor’s Note 55

Upcoming schedule:

  • Tuesday, June 7th: Episode #215: Writers’ Room — Disparation: Inversiverse Galactra
  • Tuesday, June 14th: Episode #216: Writers’ Room — Disparation: Vampire World
  • Tuesday, June 21st: Editor’s Note #56
  • Tuesday, June 28th: Episode #217: Writers’ Room — Disparation: Reinventing a Classic Sentinel Comics Hero

Recording schedule:

  • Friday, May 27th: Episode #215: Writers’ Room — Disparation: Inversiverse Galactra
  • Friday, June 10th: Episode #216: Writers’ Room — Disparation: Vampire World
  • Friday, June 17st: Editor’s Note #56
  • Friday, June 24th: Episode #217: Writers’ Room — Disparation: Reinventing a Classic Sentinel Comics Hero

Everything is infected by Schema seems like the SotM version of “It’s all a Nemesis plot” meme…

Edit: Okay, I realized I really should explain that, for those that aren’t in that little crossover fandom. In the City of Heroes game there was a supervillain named Nemesis, who could be thought of as a cross between Baron Blade and Biomancer with a steampunk flavor. The Prussian Prince of Armaments was known for two things: Replacing people with “automatons” for his plots, and manipulating heroes into fulfilling his plans. Several times you would go through a storyline without any mention of Nemesis… and then he shows up and it turns out he planned everything. Eventually this reached meme status among the player base, and even the devs got into it. A couple later load screens said “it’s all a Nemesis plot,” “Not everything is a Nemesis plot,” and “even if it’s not a Nemesis plot, you can use the mission architect to make it one.”


I haven’t gotten around to listening to an episode since I started my new job, but the Inversiverse Galactra will definitely bring me back. I’m extremely interested in where that will go.

And of course, reinventing a character is pure gold. I could literally spend a year doing that once a week and not run out of material. It’s incredibly fertile creative ground. So that episode will also be a priority for me.

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Only part way through, but a couple thoughts on the schedule already.

If the opposite of passion is apathy, isn’t the Inversiverse Galactra just an inhabit of The Gray? :neutral_face:

Oh, man - excited for the reinvention! Whatever it turns out to mean… New Shrieker? :crossed_fingers:t2:
That did make me think of a podcast series I heard recently. Last year NPR’s Planet Money decided to buy an old superhero from the Public Domain and revive him for the modern day. There’s glorious Golden Age cheese and some economic and intellectual property stuff for nerds like me who dig that. They’ve just recently released a comic book with their hero, too!


Usually the Inversiverse stuff deals moreso wiht switching whether they’re hero or villain not their power set. So they’ll likely still be a scion of Passion but being heroic instead of villainous.


I figured as much, just throwing the other thing out there. So basically I’m envisioning an overzealous Girl Scout who bends over backwards to help people!

Come to think of it, have we heard anything before about her likely nemesis, evil Captain Cosmic? Against all classic sci-fi convention, the “bad” version does not have a beard!

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Inversiverse Cosmic is a dejected nihilist, kinda works perfectly tbh.

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oh dang, I saw the episode recorded live for the first time ever and thus have no pithy comments to make on the forum! :B well, consider this comment pithed

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Oh, I guess it’s been a hot minute since we visited the Inversiverse! Had forgotten all about that episode! Seems like there was an X-tremiverse one (probably my favorite kind) not too far back. A whole month of Disparation is something to look forward to!

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I dunno… I could see it as a Obi-Wan style paladin. “Serene passion,” perhaps? Just a step away from “tranquil fury” but that might be there, too…

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Just finished listening. Here are my incomplete opinions:

I hope all the talk about Sentinels of Freedom means my Mend question will be answered (actually, I should probably rewrite and resubmit it because I made a very glaring error by claiming Mend was The Adhesivest’s sister when that is blatantly not true).

If you are interested in reading instead of listening there is the perfect place for you: Podcasts - Sentinel Comics Wiki (thank you Walking Target).

That’s, uh, that’s it actually. It took me three days to listen to the whole thing so i’ve forgotten a lot of it.

Likewise, I asked some Sentinels of Freedom Chapter 2 story questions that are definitely spoilers for some RPG stuff. I figured they would answer the questions whenever they felt enough time has passed. It’s been 9 months since that story got into the wild, so maybe they’ll answer more about it soon…

That long? Oy… I’m behind on actually getting through that…