Editor’s Note #64

Lots not seen if you aren’t a patreon member. Despite the link name this is number 64

Upcoming Schedule:

  • Tuesday, March 7th: Episode #241: Creative Process: The Naturalist & Akash’Thriya Foes
  • Tuesday, March 14th: Episode #242: Writers’ Room: Rambler vs. Spite
  • Tuesday, March 21st: Editor’s Note #65
  • Tuesday, March 28th: Episode #242: Writers’ Room: Sentinel Comics Horror Host for Tome of the Bizarre

Expected recording schedule:

  • Friday, March 3rd: Episode #241: Creative Process: The Naturalist & Akash’Thriya Foes
  • Friday, March 10th: Episode #242: Writers’ Room: Rambler vs. Spite
  • Friday, March 17th: Editor’s Note #65
  • Friday, March 24th: Episode #242: Writers’ Room: Sentinel Comics Horror Host for Tome of the Bizarre

Did we have another Busybody situation where they just casually name dropped Grimm in passing with no further explanation? I wasn’t paying attention to what time in the recording it happened. The wiki only has Grimm in a question about RCR before its release (i.e. they are not Rambler who’s pictured in the rulebook). I don’t recall ever hearing anything else about Grimm.

Grimm is also cited in the flavor text of Ghostly Images in the Realm of Discord deck, that’s the only mention I’m aware of.


Yeah, that was the question from a previous episode. Was the red hat figure Grimm to whom that quote was attributed?

I didn’t know if the Discord had heard something the rest of us hadn’t, but I thought I heard Grimm mentioned again here as though C&A had discussed them before.

My only avenue for updates is The Letters Page and Kickstarter/Backerkit since I’m not a Patreon backer and haven’t bought into SCRPG materials yet. I remember being utterly confused at the Neighborhood Watch episode with the Shenanigans too.

This could just be another instance of time-will-tell-who-can-say. If someone finds the timestamp of the Grimm mention, could you point it out for me please? Thanks in advance.

It’s definitely not an episode to start with, but the Publishers Note where Paul and Christopher try to work through what is in Mad Bomber Blade’s tank had me laughing out loud.

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The red hat figure is Rambler and they’re seen on Miasma of Pain in Realm of Discord.

Right. And I assume Girder is the man pictured on Black Market Contact, if I have that card name correct. I just don’t think we have seen Grimm or heard anything else other than the Ghostly Images quote.

Yeah. Ghostly images is the only reference we have.

Oh, is that who that is? I’d been wondering about that one specifically but hadn’t gotten around to writing in a question.

Yeah, I believe they’ve said recently that Girder is pictured in RCR so I assume he’s the one Expatriette is not shooting at.

And we’ve got Rambler art, and hopefully more coming with the vs. Spite Writer’s Room.

I’ve only played RCR a couple times so far, but haven’t noticed other unknown names in the quotes. I guess perhaps more will be revealed when they have an RCR focused episode soon.

Bet we still have to wait for a potential Disparation reveal before we see art of Darkstrife and Painstake. goes to sulk in corner

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I’m surprised they didn’t list the OblivAeon episodes as a good jumping-on point, given how story-heavy they are. Perhaps they felt there’s just too much prerequisite knowledge.


They’re great episodes but a lot of the payoffs require knowing a decent amount about each character involved.